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norwich36 ([personal profile] norwich36) wrote2016-02-01 08:58 pm

Tonight's X-files

Ok, clearly they just should have had Darin Morgan write ALL THE EPISODES. OMG this was legit awesome.

Loved the parallels between Lizard-Man and Mulder (and the whole comedy of the trials of turning human and wanting a job, and having BS as a natural tendency).

Loved Mulder in a red Speedo (ok, undies that were a callback to the red speedo) and the pervy motel owner and his creepy spy animal heads.

Loved the callback to Queequeg! (Who I assume was invented in a Darin Morgan episode? My memory is not that clear anymore).

My favorite part, though, was Mulder having that whole conversation with Scully where he filled in all of her dialogue. Second favorite part was Lizard Man's fantasy about getting it on with Scully.

Though the confirmation of the prediction first made in Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (definitely the best episode ever, also penned by Darin Morgan) that Scully is immortal was also fantastic.

I expect there were a million more meta-references to Darin Morgan episodes that someone who has watched them all more recently than me will catch, and I look forward to those reviews. Considering that he always wrote the best meta episodes, it seems fitting!

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