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norwich36 ([personal profile] norwich36) wrote2016-05-04 09:58 pm

Holy fuck, Supernatural

Ok, I honestly didn't think anything would make me watch SPN again, but then I was spoiled about a plot development in tonight's episode and I had to. (And may need to watch next week too!)

CHUCK!!!!! CHUCK RETURNED!!!!!!! (He was totally my favorite character way back when). And canonical confirmation that he is God! And an explanation why the amulet didn't glow in his presence! Oh, and also God is canonically bisexual, which probably trumps Dean being bi, so I'll take it.

Generally I find Metatron annoying, but I really liked him in this ep. Also, literal Deus ex machina was kind of fun.

Of course, this is SPN, so I'm sure God will die in next week's episode, but that's really par for the course.