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A question for Smallville folks

I still haven't had the mental energy to decide for certain whether I'm deleting my LJ or just flocking everything and ending crossposting, but once the import queue at DW has dropped down a little I'm going to re-import to make sure I catch any LJ only comments and do one or the other.

The only community I ever modded on LJ was Eat Crow, and during the 4 years or so I was modding it was basically just collecting links to Smallville reviews on LJ. Since most of those links are probably going to be dead in the near future, I didn't see much point in transferring the community over to DW, especially since it hasn't been active since Smallville went off the air in 2011. But it occurred to me this morning that there was a period in the early era of the comm that people actually had a lot of episode discussion on the comm itself. I still haven't accepted the TOS of LJ, so I can't actually look right now to see how extensive that was, but I recall there being quite a lot of discussion for at least the first couple years.

So--does anyone think it's worth importing the community to DW? My inclination at the moment is not to do so, but if anyone really wants to ensure that history is preserved, drop a comment here and let me know. (And at the end of the month when I have more time and am actually importing things over here, I'll pose this question on LJ as well for the few remaining folks over there).
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I'm generally a fan of preservation--I don't want to tell you to do a bunch of work, but at the margin it seems like a nice thing to have.
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I've found history in the areas where we didn't think it would be important. Lists of (dead) links to fic still tells a story of who, what and where we loved. So try importing...