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Agents of SHIELD

1. Once I finish moving I am never moving again, ever. I will die in that house. I really don't know how I'm going to finish packing in the next 24 hours, but I'm about to pack my TV so I had to catch up on shows. :-)

2. Having to wait 8 days to watch ABC shows sucks, but I really loved the AOS final. Honestly the second half of this season has pretty much been my favorite of the whole series, and they even redeemed the Ghost Rider plot tonight. Only really brief spoilers behind the cut.

I was SO relieved that they rescued Yo-yo and Mack. For some reason I was expecting one of them to die.

I haven't commented on the whole Hydra/Framework storyline, but I thought the whole thing was brilliant and really fun. I just wish they had managed to bring over good Ward and Trip and Hope even whatshisname who built Aida into LMD bodies or something. And wow, they did such a good job showing exactly why everyone made the choices that they did in Hydraland. They even had me kind of hating Fitz, which I didn't think was possible. And I'm sure we'll get some good repercussions next season.

But damn, are they in a spaceship because Ragnarok is happening? Is that what's going on? Really intrigued for next season.

Ok, back to packing.