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Do people actually want to be scolded by advice columnists?

Sometimes I do wonder if people actually want to be scolded when they write to certain advice columnists--is it like a low level humiliation kink or something? I mean, when you write to Mallory Ortberg and are all "oh, kids today and their silly non-binary identities, I obviously can't be expected to use their preferred pronouns when they're all non-grammatical," do you actually think she's going to say, "oh yes, letter writer, you have my permission to misgender people all you want"?

DUDE. Dude!

C'mon, dude, that's like writing to Dan Savage and saying you think your spouse watching porn is the equivalent of cheating on you, or writing to Miss Manners saying you think thank you notes are antiquated and unnecessary. You know perfectly well what those columnists are going to say! These are not the columnists you go to when you want your anti-genderfluidity/antiporn/anti-thank-you-note opinions validated, DUDE. Heck, these days I think even Dan Savage and Miss Manners would take you to task for deliberately misgendering people, but Mallory Ortberg? Have you ever read one of her columns? Really?

(Heck, she'd probably gently ask me to evaluate my use of dude as a gender-neutral form of address which it totally is in NorCal, but I acknowledge the structural sexism blah blah blah).

I mean, DUDE.

(The letter I am referencing is in today's Dear Prudence podcast on Slate, if anyone is wondering).

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