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Only a brief comment on the Flash: Read more... )

But I was much more excited by the fact that Agent Carter is back, and I loved both episodes to death. Read more... )
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Strangely enough, I came out of the movie not really shipping anyone in particular (though I've read a few shippy stories I like; it's just not my focus)--what I really wanted was good genfic, and there have been a few stories I've read recently that really blew me away. Behind a cut, since the story summaries may spoil the film for the 5 people in the world that still haven't seen it. Read more... )
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First David Bowie, now Alan Rickman? I'll just be over here crying in the corner.
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For those that celebrate, Merry Christmas! And thanks to [profile] roxymissrose and [personal profile] digitalwavefor the lovely cards.


Dec. 23rd, 2015 03:00 pm
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Just had an actual screaming argument with my brother about Star Wars, of all things, because he refuses to see it because it's "promoting a feminist agenda." More specifically, cut for spoilers) Read more... ) ( Argh. This is not actually the argument I expected to get into (or more accurately, to have to avoid getting into) over the holidays!
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PSA: There is no post-credit scene. (I didn't think there would be, but I waited because you never know.) Overall I really loved it. Massive spoilers behind the cut. Read more... )
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Thanks very much to [personal profile] talitha78 for the Christmas card! That's a fantastic picture of your family!
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I have done my due diligence and read all the candidate statements and chats, but really other than not ranking Andrea Horbinski at all, all the other candidates seem equally good to me, so I was wondering if anyone who is more involved in OTW had endorsements? (And feel free to email me--norwich36 at you'd rather endorse people privately).


Nov. 3rd, 2015 10:00 pm
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Holy shit, Agents of SHIELD! I totally did not see that coming! Read more... )


Nov. 2nd, 2015 10:14 pm
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Who else is watching? I'm really enjoying it, even though some of the plots so far have been a little clunky, for the sister-bonding aspect and because Melissa Benoist is just perfectly cast--I find her completely charming and believable and a total ball of sunshine to watch. Read more... )
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I've had a writing project (non-fiction) that I've been wanting to finish for a while, so I thought I'd try to use NaNo as a kickstarter to actually work on it. I have very modest goals, since it actually is much more need of revision than increased wordcount, so for the first two weeks I just want to work on it a minimum of 30 minutes a day--no wordcount goals until the revision is more solid. And I actually did an hour today, AND wrote 450 words on another writing project, so I feel very productive!

I also thought I'd use this as an opportunity to post more on DW/LJ, so I've been saving content for a while since otherwise my daily check-in posts are going to bore you all to tears. (All 7 people still reading LJ/DW, anyway).

So: Halloween! I actually dressed up twice for Halloween, though apparently both times my costumes were not as recognizable as I was anticipating.

I was Peggy Carter on Friday at work, since it was a very work-appropriate costume (blue suit, red fedora)--in fact, many people didn't realize I was in costume at all, and those who did mostly thought I was Carmen Sandiego (the red fedora, I guess?), though I did get a lot of compliments on my hat from the people who didn't realize I was in costume. Only one gentleman who I encountered in an elevator recognized the costume, and he wanted to know if I'd been following the dubstep wars--which of course I have! Go Team Carter!

On Halloween itself I was looking for a more low maintenance costume, since I had to wear it while going through a haunted house. (I actually really hate haunted houses. I don't generally get scared or even creeped out; I just generally get a headache from the strobe lights and being jumped out at, but several friends of mine were acting in it, so I pretty much had to go). So I went as Han Solo, in a very simple outfit I actually ordered for the Star Wars premiere but which managed to arrive in time for Halloween, yay!

When I was shopping yesterday (during the day) the cashier asked me what I was going as, and I said "Han Solo," and he said "who is that?" I was flabbergasted. I mean, he was at least 40. I can get that some people have never seen the Star Wars movies, but I thought at least the character names had thoroughly penetrated pop cultural consciousness?
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I pretty much quit Supernatural when they killed off [character name redacted to avoid old spoilers, but people still watching probably know what recurring female character I'm referring to]. Still, when I had heard that they were doing a whole episode from the Impala's POV I was intrigued, and since I was slow to turn off the TV last night after Arrow, I realized that this was the episode, so I watched it.

And without being spoilery, while I did actually enjoy the episode, it was no Knight Moves , and I realized what I really really wanted from this episode was Read more... ) Oh well!
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I confess, I mainly went to see "The Martian" because of Sebastian Stan. (His role in it is really quite small--I wouldn't go see it just for him). It is, however, the BEST example of competence porn I can ever remember seeing in a movie, so if you are into scientists doing their science thing in life-or-death situations and doing it very, very well, this will totally be your jam. I enjoyed it much more than I was expecting to. It also had a much more diverse cast than I was expecting, which was definitely a pleasant surprise.

The Intern

Oct. 4th, 2015 12:01 pm
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The preview I saw made this film look charming, but potentially sexist. It was indeed ridiculously charming--I suspect I'm going to buy it just for comfort watching in the future--but actually I thought in many ways it was remarkably feminist. (Spoilers behind the cut) Read more... )
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I haven't really been reading spoilers this summer, so some of the plot twists were surprising to me. Read more... )
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I admit I don't pay a tremendous amount of attention to the OTW, other than to donate annually (mainly to support A03, though I also support the legal work they do for fandom), and I honestly was planning to do what I normally do and research the candidates closer to the actual election this year, since it's actually contested. I've been saving some links on the candidates and I did look at a few gossipy threads on ffa about the election and specifically the dismissal of Nikisha Sanders as treasurer, but otherwise not really paying attention.

But the fact that the board, in the middle of the election process, has to decided to unilaterally dismiss Nikisha Sanders as an eligible candidate, and at least from some reports against the protests of the election board , seems pretty shady to me. A number of the candidates who are running have spoken up in protest about this, which is good, but honestly, at the moment I feel like this whole election process has been rendered extremely shady, especially since one of the members of the Board who (presumably?) was part of this process is also running for re-election.

I wasn't actually planning on voting for Sanders, based on some of the links I listed above, but I do agree with some questions raised in this recent thread on ffa and Sanders' own recent discussion of her interactions with the board: if the board can unilaterally remove anyone without any public accountability, what's the point of having elections at all?

In the past when I read about the internal problems of the OTW, I mostly assumed that like every volunteer organization it had its problems, but overall it was doing good things for fandom. I voted and contributed money annually and took all the criticisms with a grain of salt. This particular incident seems to me to be demonstrating that the critics are right. Anyone with more knowledge than me about the internal workings of the OTW board want to weigh in on this? I have to say that at the moment I can't see continuing to contribute money to an organization that is this dysfunctional. I am really saddened by this.
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I just got back from seeing Man from U.N.C.L.E., and it was a blast--completely fun and enjoyable. I was curious how similar it was to the TV show, so I read some fan reviews, and I guess the answer is "not tremendously similar." However, if you're just in the mood for extremely stylish 60s spy hijinks with gorgeous, extremely slashy leading men, and you're not so much a fan of the original series that some character changes will annoy you, I highly recommend it.
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I finally broke down and got Netflix this summer to watch Daredevil (which I am still only about halfway through because it's a little more violent than I can do for casual watching purposes), and I also capitulated and got an Amazon firestick since watching on my computer was getting annoying.

Anyway, Netflix decided to recommend "The Rockford Files" to me, and I have fond memories of watching it with my dad as a wee child in the 70s--I love the theme song A LOT (it's probably my favorite TV theme song) and I love James Garner, so I figured, why not?

Um, yeah. Not so much. On the plus side, this was back when they still filmed TV in LA, and there is some seriously lovely cinematography, especially of the shore. And the major guest star of the pilot was Lindsay Wagner, who was my very first girl crush.

On the minus side--well, I guess I will cut for spoilers, despite this show being 45 years old. Read more... )


Jul. 17th, 2015 12:39 am
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I went to see this movie mainly for the Peggy Carter cameo (my Hayley Carter infatuation is at epic levels after the most recent SDCC stuff, especially the dubsmash battle), but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Other than Gotg, it definitely has the most humor of any of the Marvel franchise films, and it reminded me that I like Marvel best when it's doing superhero origin stories. Of course, I know virtually nothing about Antman comics, so I had nothing invested. Spoilers not only for Antman but for the post-credits teaser.Read more... )


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