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So is iTunes not carrying BSG anymore, or am I just completely incompetent in using their search engine? (I wouldn't be at all surprised by the latter; I never seem to find anything I'm looking for there).

On the other hand, I see that the scifi channel is posting episodes online, so maybe I don't even have to pay. But I hope they post it soon, because I want to see the premiere! Though I will have to come back to work and watch it. That's ok, I have to come in this weekend and write a couple reports, so I guess this will be a reward for doing that.

(Probably I should use a BSG icon for this, but GIP instead, because my love for Jessica Moore--the SPN character, not the tennis player--is so great these days I actually changed my default icon for the first time in forever.)

Damn icon randomizer! I always forget about you when I'm editing posts!

BSG recs

Jan. 14th, 2006 12:23 am
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I am not in any way jealous or bitter about you folks whose cable systems actually GET the scifi channel, or you other folks with non-Stoneage non-dialup internet access, who all are enjoying new episodes of Battlestar Galactica tonight. Not jealous at all. And just to prove my complete state of zen about BSG deprivation, I give you more BSG recs for beginners behind the cut.

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BSG recs

Jan. 11th, 2006 03:32 am
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Here are some Lee-centered fics, just for [ profile] bop_radar. (All of these are short, so you don't have to wait until the weekend to read them). And for other people like us who are still new to BSG, no spoilers in any one of these past season one:

[ profile] queenofthorns's "Seventy-Eight," a lovely angsty Kara/Lee story from Kara's point of view, set immediately after "The Hand of God" (so only season one spoilers), available here

Another story by [ profile] queenofthorns; no overt Kara/Lee, but a nice Lee POV, reflecting on his relationship (or lack thereof) with Starbuck, Lucky at Cards, again, spoilers only through season one (Colonial Day).

The Lee/Kara is pretty subtle in this one, but it has a fantastic Lee POV and is a really interesting look at the realities of life on Galactica, and what we really live for: [ profile] sangga's Supply and Demand. No spoilers for any episode; it's set sometime in season one.
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Spoilers for the BSG episode "Final Cut", which is season 2 episode 8, behind the cut, though really a lot of this is the game of "cast your favorite person currently shooting a series in Vancouver as a Cylon":

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Jan. 9th, 2006 03:24 am
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This is mostly for the folks on my flist who, like me, are just jumping in the Battlestar Galactica pool, because this story is so amazing I'm sure everyone else in the fandom has already read it: [ profile] rheanna27's
"Twelve." It is not spoilery at all for the second season (in fact, it seems to be set pretty early in the first season, and AU for the end of season 1), and it's marginally Kara/Lee, but much more than that, it's about the nature of Cylons and of human beings, and about how much each group can overcome their own programming. Major characters it focuses on are Apollo, Starbuck, Adama, and Baltar. I can't really say anything else without spoiling it, except that it was hands down the best piece of fanfiction in any fandom that I've read in the last year, that I stayed up til 4 a.m. on a work night reading it because I physically could not stop, and although it ripped my heart out, it went places I never expected and had an amazing ending.

Part 1 of the story is here; the link in her memories for the other parts of the story is here
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So, having watched Battlestar Galactica through episode 2.9 ("Flight of the Phoenix")--and please, no one spoil me beyond that in the comments!--I've been thinking a little bit about religion in the series. [ profile] bop_radar, for your sake, there are no spoilers behind the cut past 2.6 ("Home, part 1")--that's where you're at right now, right?

EDITED TO ADD: There are now spoilers in the comments through 2.9, so beware if you're avoiding spoilers for season 2.

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