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Wow, posting two days in a row--the world might end! Spoilery comments (but mainly reactions, not analysis; I haven't read anyone else's reactions, so more analysis may follow). Read more... )
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I'm not sure how I feel about the rumor that Robert Downey Jr is going to be in Captain America 3 . I'm especially not sure about the additional rumor that they're doing the Civil War storyline. (How do they even do that in a world without mutants? Especially since a fight over registration seems ridiculous in the movieverse where everyone's identity is already known). But mainly I want more Steve-Bucky stuff in Cap 3, which a whole Civil War storyline is likely to sideline. :-(

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Jun. 13th, 2014 07:58 am
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I pretty much always love Dira Sudis' stuff, but especially when she writes religious themes--I remember being particularly blown away by Until the Breaking of the Day for example, which was a fascinating Dean/Castiel story--and she's just written another amazing story exploring characterization and memory through religion: To the One I've Sinned Against. It's a post- Captain America/Winter Soldier story, exploring Winter Soldier slowly coming back to himself via confession.

Spurred by the forcefulness of that thought, he broke cover and strode quickly across the open ground to the church doors. The interior was dim, but it smelled right, like church, like safety. It smelled familiar, but he knew he had never been here before. Still, he knew this place. Sanctuary.

He felt the same sense of returning-to-base that he thought he had felt at the ends of missions, coming in to for maintenance and repair. That meant pain, and forgetting, but it was the order of things: complete the mission, and then return to base.

This might mean the same thing. Perhaps that was what was required to be reconciled.

It does a fantastic job of weaving together the past and present, as Bucky regains more and more of his memories, and it does a fantastic job not only of exploring Steve and Bucky's relationship (it's definitely a Steve/Bucky story), but also the way confession is a touchstone for them. It's one of my favorite Steve/Bucky post-movie fics (and I think I've read everything not a WIP, at this point!), and one of the best treatments of religion I remember reading in fanfic ever.
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"The reason why Batman and Superman have remained popular for decades is because they don’t overlap. As complete opposites in theme and tone, they aren’t really competing. But Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan wanted to make Superman a more mature and respectable hero, and they did it in the only way they knew how: by making him into a darker and more serious character, and therefore edging him dangerously close to territory that was already covered by the consistently violent and angst-ridden Batman.

Of course, the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier has just proven that this strategy wasn’t really necessary. While Superman is often described as being an old-fashioned hero, Captain America was literally born during the Great Depression. Instead of rebooting him to be a more morally ambiguous character, Marvel kept him as wholesome, loyal, and old-school heroic as ever, and dropped him into a situation where he could lead a cast of 21st century characters who had spent too long in the shadows." Full essay here .

This really captures both why I am really loving all the recent Marvel universe movies and why I really hated the most recent Superman reboot.
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This interview with the show producers , which is quite spoilery for last night's episode and also Captain America: Winter Soldier, does address the debate about certain characters that I've seen in a few reviews of last night's episode.
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Because when we don't like specific plotlines in movies, we fix them . (Serious Captain America: Winter Soldier spoilers)
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Actually, I'm looking for specific Steve/Bucky recs: the ones you would use to entice someone new into Steve/Bucky fandom. Because honestly, at this point I've probably read everything tagged Steve/Bucky on A03 or pinboard at least 5 times and have no sense of perspective any more, but I have a friend I've been working on, and after Winter Soldier he finally sees it, but I want to give him the good stuff. So what are your personal favorites or stories you think are especially good for newbies? (He's familiar with the whole Avengersverse but has not read any fic in that fandom).
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I should really be in bed, because tomorrow morning is going to suck, but a few thoughts on the film, which I really enjoyed, and probably also spoilers for this week's Agents of SHIELD (as well as obvious spoilers for CA!) Read more... )
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I realize this is a car commercial and I completely don't care, because it's the kiddie version of the Captain American trailer and it has totally made my day.


Jan. 3rd, 2014 11:50 am
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It sounds like they're actually going to make a Peggy Carter TV Show starring Hayley Atwell!!!!

*Makes squeeing noise that can probably be heard in space*

And yes, I haven't been that impressed with AOS, but I don't even care. Hayley Atwell! Peggy Carter! Flaily hands!!!!!
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I think this is probably the one showing before 3-D Thor? Not the greatest quality (someone's cameraphone, clearly), but since I can't watch 3-D movies I was happy to see it--watch it before it gets pulled:
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Something incorporating Steve Rogers and some of these historical VD awareness posters . I can't figure out how to link directly to specific posters, but there are a couple where men are sad that they can't enlist/fight in the war because they have VD--which would be a very interesting AU! (Though really my first thought is Captain America's ad campaign: Fool the Axis! Use prophylaxis!)


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