Dec. 15th, 2009 01:08 pm
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SPN/Glee crossover (Yes, you read that correctly), in which Sue Sylvester is definitely the best candidate to defeat Lucifer in the apocalypse: You Think This is Hard? Try Being the Michael Sword--that's hard! (Gen). Hilarious.
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Some of these are remixes and some of these are the stories the remixes are based on that I hadn't read before. A mixed bag: Harry Potter, Firefly, and SPN: Read more... )

I thought about recommending my favorites over at the [ profile] spnkink_meme, but decided that was a little personal. Returning to that meme every few hours simply reminds me of that truism, my kinks are hot, other people's kinks are hilarious and/or squicky. Though sometimes the squicky ones produce the best fic; I don't really understand how that works. And speaking of which, everyone's seen the Lucifer/Sarah Palin one , though, right?

I will link to one that got posted outside the meme, though: [ profile] pandarus's amazingly hot and hilarious Jared/Jensen crossdressing Regency Romance is definitely worth reading.

And in no way am I linking to the meme in the hopes that people not already writing over there will go and fill a whole bunch of anonymous prompts I might have left. I would never be that blatantly self-serving.


Feb. 28th, 2007 11:26 pm
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Oh my GOD. The most perfect crossover in the history of the world just got posted, and you all must go read it immediately. It's [ profile] belmanoir's Dirty Campaigning , Lex Luthor/Stephen Colbert, and I have no words that can possibly describe how much I love this story. Lex is campaigning for governor, and goes on the Colbert Report to promote his campaign. This story is worth reading for Colbert's take on Superman alone, but it also has very hot Lex/Stephen action, with some wistful Clexian overtones.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I classify this as the best crossover ever, I should perhaps explain that part of the reason I loved [ profile] astolat's Revenge so much was that little bit where we got Jon Stewart's reaction to a Luthorian presidency--and ever since I read that story I've been dying for a similar thing from Stephen Colbert's perspective. It's like [ profile] belmanoir is channeling my desires, only in a pornier and more interesting way.
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Penultimate day of smutrecs! And all of today's recs are from one of my favorite SV authors--though you'll have to click to find out who!

Clex recs of the day )

SV mystery recs )

Other fandom rec: SV/Buffy crossover )


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