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Today's Clex rec is [ profile] garryowen, Last, Best Hope . Aliens are invading, and earth's only hope is the Smallville mutants. One of my favorite AUs. I love the torturously slow build-up of Clark and Lex's relationship in the story--[ profile] garryowen is so amazing at teasing the reader--but I also adore the plot. Stories in which the mutants get redeemed are pretty much my favorite type of SV AU ever, and we get lots of that in this story.

And coincidentally, [ profile] garryowen is the author for this month's fireside chat/ ask the author at [ profile] svroundtable, so you should go over there and tell her how much you love her stories and ask her questions.

And not only that, but [ profile] teot, who organized the SV BigBang challenge last year, and is therefore at least indirectly responsible for inspiring this story and many other fabulous ones as well, is considering holding the challenge again, and has a poll about it for potential participants here if you haven't already filled it out.

This concludes February recsfest 2007! I hope you all enjoyed this incarnation of the Clexrecfest. Sometime in the next week or so I'll be posting an alphabetical list of all the recs from this month to [ profile] svroundtable, in case you missed any of them or would like a handy list without having to go through the whole month's entries.
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Today's Clexrec author is [ profile] justforspite. I was a little torn on what to rec for her, since I really, really wanted to recommend The Vultures of Death Valley, which charts Clark's course into the dangerous waters of Lex's social circle and the conniving and backstabbing socialites of polite society, but it is still a WIP. I waited until the end of the month just in case, but since I don't want to just rec a WIP for folks who don't read WIPs, let me instead recommend a shorter piece she wrote, Looking In: Eukanuba . This story is a hot little PWP, set in season 1. Clark overhears Lex watching porn at the mansion, and then gets a chance to watch some on his own, which inevitably leads to the two of them exploring some of the things Clark has seen. This has an interesting twist at the end, too.
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Today's Clex rec is [ profile] theclexfactor, The Story Lady . Lex's daughter Lena introduces him to a local storyteller, and the sparks fly between them. Very sweet and romantic Clex.
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Since I am off to Escapade today, and don't think I'll have net access until Sunday night, I'm going to do the recs for days 22-25 all at once. It's your own responsibility to ration them out over the weekend, if you feel the need to do so.

Today's Clexrec author is [ profile] chimosa. It was hard to pick just one of [ profile] chimosa's stories, though after much reflection, I couldn't resist overprotective hooker Lex bossing around hooker Clark in her wonderful short piece, What Happens in Vegas . Still, if you haven't read A Slow Inevitability , I highly recommend it. Post-Reckoning, Clark and Lex take a bittersweet roadtrip. Lex wants to help Clark, but neither of them really know how.

Tomorrow's rec is [ profile] roxymissrose The Dog . Since Roxy is the mistress of tormenting the boys, I'll confess had to work up the nerve to read this, since the premise scared me: Lionel captures Clark at a young age, cages him, and teaches him to be his dog. It's true that there's quite a lot of Clark torture in this story, and a fair bit of Lex torture, too, but when they finally find each other they teach each other how to be human again. There are some fabulous original characters like Ray and Rob, and this is long, dense, and gripping tale, though parts of it will break your heart.

Saturday's rec is [ profile] scribblinlenore, A Clarkmas Carol. Clark inadvertantly enacts a Dickensian tale as he tries to make up with Lex. He's a little off-script, but fortunately he has Lex there to prompt him.

And finally, Sunday's rec is [ profile] averaird, Injustice , futurefic in which Lex realizes he doesn't hate Clark nearly as much as he thought he did. Or at all. A long, slow, sweet reconciliation tale.
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Today's Clexrec is [ profile] xparrot, This Mortal Coil . Lex's paranoia and suspicion about Superman sometimes turn out to be beneficial, as Clark discovers when someone he loves is endangered.
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Today's Clexrec is [ profile] kristiinthedark, Not Yet .

"Lex, please. I want to tell you."

Lex keeps facing towards the window, not wanting to look at Clark at all. "Clark, don't. If you do... I won't know who you are anymore. I won't know who I am anymore. I don't know what will happen if you tell me."

A lovely, lyrical look at Clark and Lex's relationship, and how much of it is bound up in what they don't tell each other. Will the truth set them free, or will it destroy them?
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Today's Clex rec is actually Clexana: [ profile] txtequilanights, The Taste of My Tears .
Clark and Lex are together, but still occasionally turn to Lana when they are fighting, and she is unable to resist. One of the best Clexana pieces I've ever read--twisted and deliciously fucked up. However, if you prefer your Clex free of additives, you might check out [ profile] txtequilanights Born and Bled for You , in which Lex marks his ownership of Clark. Or if you're in the mood for hilarious crackfick, try A Boy and His Forehead Cock .
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Today's Clexrec is Chicklet, Lay Me Down . A slow, sweet, reflective futurefic AU. Lex watches his husband sleep and remembers many of their erotic encounters.
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Today's Clexrec is [ profile] _sail_'s Life on Earth. A wonderful, long, plotty AU in which the meteor shower happens only after Lex arrives to take over the Smallville fertilizer factory, and Lex ends up with an adolescent alien to care for.
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Today's Clexrec is [ profile] zeldadestry's None So Desparate, None So Brave . Lex is dying. Will Clark help save him? The language in this story is gorgeous and evocative, and I loved the ambiguity of the ending.
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Today's Clexrec is [ profile] coloredink's Esse . A slow, lovely futurefic. Clark has always lied to Lex, but Superman tells him the truth.

And here's a bonus rec for today: not Smallville--not actually any real TV show. Have you seen that ad with the Mac guy and the PC guy? (I swear I saw the PC guy on the Jon Stewart show last night). One of the commericials from the ad campaign is here , if you have no idea what I'm talking about--basically a series of ads for Macs in which Mac guy is a cool dude, and PC guy is a neurotic, problem-prone individual. There's now a new ad in the series where PC has a bodyguard, Windows Vista security, who is pretty damn attractive.

[ profile] svilleficrecs has written an amazingly hot story where the Mac guy hooks up with PC guy's new security guard, which sounds like the ultimate in crack fic, but is actually amazingly funny, hot, and in character. It is here, if you haven't already read it.

Many thanks to everyone who said lovely things about me in [ profile] svmadelyn's Valentine game --and many thanks to Madelyn herself for devoting so much time and effort into making our Valentine's day a little brighter.
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Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of this annual festival and love and porn, I of course have to rec one of [ profile] mskatej's amazing stories. I've planned this for a while, and here's what I had written in January when I starting compiling recs for this month: "It's pretty hard to pick a favorite story of Kate's, but Going Home is definitely my current favorite (and probably my all-around favorite fic from Yuletide this year). Lex loses his memory, Clark helps out, and then things take a decidedly sexy turn. Clark is ambivalent, but resolves that he'll just give in a little--and then he'll go home. Yeah, RIGHT! Even without his memory, Lex is a master manipulator, and Clark is putty in his hands--and loves it."

However, since [ profile] teot just recommended this story two days ago, and just so I didn't look like I was stealing her recommendations, I thought I'd better find another of Kate's stories to rec. (A happy quest!) I decided to pick two, just in case. Intruder is a Clark-in-heat story, a theme I never get tired of, but I really like the spin Kate puts on it. Lex and Lana have been a couple for months, and Lex is only interested in Clark as an alien specimen--at least until he walks in on Clark masturbating in the barn. Then he starts acting like the one in heat, as they are both drawn to each other against their will.

I also really love Sleeping with the Enemy . I'll just let the opening paragraphs of it speak for themselves:

It was just one indiscretion that really shouldn’t have happened, but it did, and Clark will be okay about it in no time. He just needs to see it for what it was: a silly mistake that, while fun, should be thought about as little as possible. In fact, pretending that it didn’t happen at all is probably the smartest way to move forward.

One thing is certain: he’s never going to offer to interview Lex Luthor again, unless it’s somewhere very, very public. Oh God… how had he-

Clark shakes his head like a dog as if it might help him to purge the memory, and glares at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. It was just so… unprofessional of him. And he hadn’t even gotten a good interview out of it.
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Today's Clex rec is [ profile] tasabian, Candy Cane Hearts . Tasabian (aka Vivian Darkbloom on SSA) is another relatively new SV writer who is carving out a name for herself as someone who writes sweet old-school romantic Clex. This is my current favorite of her stories: Clark is acting pretty strangely, kidnapping Lex and playing tourist. Is it redK? Some other mysterious substance? Or is it just love?
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Today's Clex rec is [ profile] bagheera_san's Protection , which is currently my absolute favorite AU spinning off of season 6. The premise is that Lana dies in childbirth, and Lex blackmails Clark into becoming a bodyguard for him and the baby. Have I mentioned how much I adore authors who can still find the Clex in season 6? And Lex-as-blackmailer is wonderfully manipulative and hot; Clark is angry and confused; and yet despite these canonical starting points Bagheera manages to bring them together.
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Today's Clex rec is Sori's The Thrills of Victory . This is a steamy PWP, in which Clark and Lex have a contest to see who can make the other come first. God, controlling!Lex is one of my serious kinks.
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Oops! Sorry this is so late! I was going to post this late last night, and got a little distracted by drama.
And then I forgot I hadn't posted it.

Today's Clex rec is [ profile] seperis"s Silk . Clark wears Lex's silk boxers, and they drive him to distraction all day. A classic by Jenn, alternately hilarious and hot. It also includes sex in a library, which is always fun.
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I am in a mood to be cheered up today, so my Clexrec for today is one of my favorite funny stories:
[ profile] mahaliem's Secrets, Lies, and Misunderstandings . This piece is a hilarious romp in which Lex misunderstands something he overhears Clark say, and that leads to a cascading series of misunderstandings, confusions, and hijinks that of course end up pushing Lex and Clark together. This is one of my favorite of [ profile] mahaliem's stories--it always makes me howl with laughter, even after multiple rereadings.

But just in case you're in the mood for something more plotty, let me also recommend my favorite non-humorous story by [ profile] mahaliem: No More Worlds . Most of you have probably already read this, since it won the [ profile] a_clexian_tale contest last summer, but it's definitely worth rereading. Lex dies, and five years later Clark still hasn't recovered, though he becomes obsessed with the idea that Dr. Lewis Lawson is really Lex. It's a wonderful reversal of Lex's canonical obsession with Clark, and it keeps you guessing right up to the end.
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Today's Clex rec is Kitty Fisher's Trade.
This is a wonderful AU in which a barbarian named Kent is drawn to a beautiful young man at a slave market. Kent and Alexander are drawn to each other, but can you ever really be loved by someone who is your slave? Or learn to love someone who owns you? The tone of this story is slow, gorgeous and romantic. Plus there's something about the idea of Clark wearing nothing but skins and leather that really adds to the atmosphere.
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Our Clex author for today is [ profile] teot. I was completely torn in deciding which story of [ profile] teot's to recommend, so in the end I decided to just recommend two.

The premise of Sleep's Underside is that Clark and Lex both have insomnia, and can only sleep in each other's presence. I love how this story manages to keep Clark and Lex consistent with their season 5 characterizations and yet still capture some of the sweet, dreamy tone of early Clex, as they reluctantly find comfort in being close to each other. I am really appreciative of authors that can find Clex in the later seasons, and teot does a masterful job here. Oh, and the sex is unbelievably HOT, and it has a hopeful ending, which many stories set in the later seasons do not.

I am also completely in love with Good Samaritan, an AU in which Clark is a young reporter for the Daily Planet investigating a series of serial killings of prostitutes, and encounters hooker!Lex. Clark wants to save him, but Lex very definitely does not want to be saved. I absolutely adore Lex as a cynical prostitute (and the plot twist is really interesting), and the story also features shy, practically-virginal Clark, which is another of my favorite tropes.
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Today's Clex rec is [ profile] romanyg's Subterfuge . Post-Transference, Lex thinks he can manipulate Clark into revealing his secrets by convincing him that he already has. But in the end, Lex is the one making revelations. Romany does a masterful job of tracing the subtle shifts in the power dynamics between Lex and Clark; I love that about all her stories, but especially this one.


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