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I just got back from seeing Man from U.N.C.L.E., and it was a blast--completely fun and enjoyable. I was curious how similar it was to the TV show, so I read some fan reviews, and I guess the answer is "not tremendously similar." However, if you're just in the mood for extremely stylish 60s spy hijinks with gorgeous, extremely slashy leading men, and you're not so much a fan of the original series that some character changes will annoy you, I highly recommend it.
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I haven't seen any of the other Mad Max movies, and I probably wouldn't have seen this one (long road-chase films are really not my thing) except for (A) Charlize Theron looked completely badass in the trailer and (B) the opposition of the MRA folks made it seem like it would have feminist content. Which it definitely did (at least to an extent), and overall I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Spoilers behind the cut. Read more... )
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Overall I really enjoyed it. As one review I read said, it was so clear that everyone in the cast was having a blast, which made it fun to watch. Read more... )
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I had a lovely lunch with [ profile] rsadelle and we went to see "Cowboys and Aliens," at my suggestion. Sorry, Ruth! I was actually enjoying the cheesy westernness of the first hour or so, but then I stopped liking it. (Major spoilers) Read more... )
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I saw Deathly Hallows part 2 today and as expected cried my way through a lot of it. A more thorough review will probably follow; I think I want to see it again first.

Yesterday I had started collecting links to reviews to read when I got to see the film. When I went looking for more reviews tonight I just added them to the list. I know lots of people won't get to see it opening weekend, so I thought you might find this list of reviews helpful for when you actually get to see it. Cut because I've found a lot of reviews. If you don't see yours here, feel free to add a link in the comments! Read more... )
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WHY am I still awake at 4 a.m.? Why, why, why? (Oh yeah, probably something to do with how fricking hot it is. I was spoiled by a relatively cool June and therefore am still acclimating to the triple digit weather that is typical for where I live in July).

Anyway, since I can't sleep, some thoughts on Twilight, which I took myself to see today to rent some air conditioning. Please be aware that I watch these movies for the lulz, so if you're a serious fan you may not want to click. Also spoilers, natch. Read more... )
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So what should I absolutely, completely, and totally watch from Comic Con, given that (a) I have a really short attention span for online clips--about 3 minutes and I will stop watching, no matter how interesting it is, and (b) I have to watch at work after hours, which is another reason short is good, and (c) I've already seen the hilarious Ausiello interview with Lucy Lawless .

I went and saw Half-Blood Prince again this weekend, and enjoyed it rather more than the folks I went with, partially because I am far from a canon purist. (Half the time I can't remember what is canon and what is fanon in that fandom, anyway). A few reactions, but nothing particularly deep or insightful )

I've also been watching Merlin. Or, well, half-watching, much of the time with the sound muted. I really dislike Uther, which of course you're supposed to, but since that's cutting into my Anthony Head love I think I can never really get into this show, despite my total adoration of Gwen and Morgana. And I guess I've seen enough now to read fic--in fact, I spent a good part of this weekend doing just that, so if anyone has good Merlin fic recs, let me know. (Mostly I read entirely through astolat's stuff and then everything on the first 5 pages of a delicious search).

So that's the state of fannish me. I will probably have a couple more spn bigbang recs before the end of this week, but nothing has been stellar enough lately to rec on its own, so I am waiting for certain themes to reach critical mass first.
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I wasn't expecting to see people dressed up for the film today (I thought all the really diehard fans went to the midnight show), but there were about 25 eight-year-olds in costume at the screening I went to. They were too adorable for words, though I honestly wouldn't take an eight-year-old to this film.

Big-ass spoilers )


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