Good Wife

Apr. 22nd, 2013 09:22 pm
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My general thoughts about The Good Wife are well-represented by this article: Everyone on the Good Wife should just have a threesome, already --though I disagree with the specific threesome. The threesome of my heart would actually be Alicia/Kalinda/Cary, rather than any of the love triangles actually on the show, but I would find Alicia/Will more interesting if, as the article suggests, Amanda Peet's character was added to the mix.

But it's not really the love triangles I found fascinating about the latest episode. Read more... )

Recent TV

Apr. 2nd, 2013 08:36 pm
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These days I'm usually a week or more behind on all shows, if you're wondering why I rarely comment on TV anymore. But I completely loved this week's Good Wife. Read more... )

And just a few words about the most recent "Arrow" Read more... )
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Sometimes I'm amazed at just how consistently amazing this show is. Read more... )
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I wanted to start posting more regularly this year, but I usually post about TV, and I find myself watching very little TV lately--and I honestly feel like it is better for my mental health. (I appreciate the quietness in my house at night, and I'm also listening to a lot more music, and I feel like I am calmer and like I have more brainspace, or something). But it makes me feel like a bad fangirl.

But I haven't given TV up entirely. I really liked this week's Good Wife, for example. Read more... )

I also went and saw "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" last weekend with [personal profile] rsadelle, and while I went in with low expectations, it was even more hilariously awful than I was anticipating. Read more... )
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My only comment: PLEASE tell me someone is writing Cary/Kalinda/Dana. Please!
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Hi all. I've been radio silent lately because of massive tech fail--for about ten days my internet went out every day at sundown, and when it finally got fixed my VCR died, so I was way behind on watching everything, and though I've purchased a VCR/DVR combo it doesn't like my antique television, so I think I'm going to have to break down and buy a new TV. Bleah. And work has been more insane than normal and isn't likely to let up until after Thanksgiving.

Belated thanks to [ profile] duskwillow for the cute little Halloween spider!

I have brief thoughts on much recent TV I have seen. I think I'll go in reverse chronological order just because it seems logical:

First, tonight's Revenge Read more... )

Next, my extremely brief and mainly negative thoughts on this week's H50 Read more... )

The Good Wife Read more... )

Supernatural: Slash Fiction Read more... )

Vampire Diaries: Ghost World Read more... )
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I don't have anything profound to say about last night's episode, just a couple of reactions. Read more... )

Recent TV

Oct. 3rd, 2011 10:26 pm
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Wow, if this is where they're going with the Terry Quinn plots, I may have to bail on H50 until his guest arc is over. Read more... )

Meanwhile, The Good Wife continues to be awesome. Read more... )

And finally, Pan Am. Read more... )
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Not related to tonight's ep at all, since it hasn't aired yet, but I was listening to the latest version of slash report by [ profile] rageprufrock and [ profile] mklutz, and the first part of it was all about how amazing the premiere of The Good Wife was (truefact) and how incindiary the sex on that show is (I don't have words to say how strongly I agree). Then [ profile] rageprufrock said that her dream for that show was Alicia and Kalinda in a relationship, keeping Cary as their pet--and my brain kind of exploded. Seriously, why has no one written this yet? I would happily provide bribes.

Good Wife

Sep. 25th, 2011 10:45 pm
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The Good Wife just keeps getting better and better. Read more... )
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YAY! The Good Wife got renewed! I didn't really think it would be axed, but you can never tell with networks. I'm not sure what I think about Sunday nights, but I'm just happy it's sticking around. Spoilers for the finale, of course )
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A few thoughts on last night's episode:

Read more... )
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I guess this is a casting spoiler, so I will put it behind a cut: Read more... )
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1. I thought everyone knew by now that LJ was under a DDOS attack, but I've seen at least three posts today with people asking what was going on, so here are a few links explaining what's going on. I personally don't plan to move off LJ unless the whole service goes down permanently, but I do have about 8 invites to Dreamwidth, so if anyone wants one, drop me a comment. And backing up things is never a bad idea, which leads me to point two:

2. Beloved fandom authors, please archive your fic! In more than one spot! This week people are worried about LJ servers, but I had a similar reaction when the A03 servers were down for scheduled maintenance a few weeks ago--more places is better. [ profile] killabeez has a great post about some different options here.

3. I haven't been posting about The Good Wife for the last few weeks because I've been crazy busy, but holy roller coaster ride of emotions, batman! Read more... )

Good Wife

Feb. 22nd, 2011 11:18 pm
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I just love this show more and more every week. Read more... )
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Spoilers for last night's episode. Nothing very deep. Read more... )
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1. I am not dead, though I see I haven't updated in over a month. I guess I haven't been feeling chatty? And there has been some serious work stuff and RL stuff that I'm still processing and may or may not post about sometime.

2. I'm sending good thoughts to everyone experiencing snowpocalypse and/or huge cyclonic activity [what weather gods have we offended lately?]. I hope you all stay safe.

3. I really wish more people on my f-list watched The Good Wife, because honestly right now it is my favorite show on television. Read more... )
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Anybody have someone on their flist who posts about "The Good Wife"? I was searching LJ comms and not having a lot of luck, and I really want to read someone else's comments on this show!


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