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Aug. 14th, 2008 10:39 am
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Don't everyone drop dead in shock, but I actually have a Smallville fic rec. (I guess I haven't gone completely over to the SPN side of the force). [ profile] lonelywalker's Wait is a lovely Lionel/Martha piece set early in season 7. I particularly love her Martha in this story, and the way she conveys Martha's combination of attraction, affection, and caution towards Lionel--and the whole thing has a lovely quiet, bittersweet tone (especially given the canonical events at the end of season 7). Go and read and feedback, please--I want this author writing more stories in this fandom.

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Jun. 19th, 2007 05:52 pm
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[ profile] serrico wrote a short Lionel-Martha piece here in which Lionel reflects on the difference between surface and substance when it comes to Martha Kent. Only about ten paragraphs long, and still one of the best pieces of Lionel characterization I've ever read. I highly recommend it.

And can I just say, I LOVE that my 400th post is a Lionel rec. Really, since she wrote this story based on a prompt I gave her I'm considering it an early birthday present.
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Last day of Lionelrecs, so I'm concluding with what many folks see as the quintessential Lionel story type in this fandom: Luthorcest. Some of the earliest and most psychologically complex stories about Lionel fall into this category.

The Luthorcest stories I like tend to show incest as a logical outgrowth of the Luthor family dynamic, whether as a fucked-up attempt by Lionel or Lex to connect with each other, or a logical outgrowth of their power games. I also like the occasional hurt/comfort story in which Lionel's abuse of Lex is part of the backdrop for Clex. I don't usually like happy Luthorcest stories, because I really don't see Lionel and Lex as having that sort of relationship, but I've included a few happy Luthorcest stories in this set of recs since I know some other folks like that scenario.

Luthorcest as the Luthor family parody of love )

Luthorcest as powergames )

Luthorcest as abuse )

Happy Luthorcest )
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Today's Lionel recs are all het: Lionel and the ladies

Proceeding alphabetically, we start with

Lionel/Chloe stories )

Lionel/Lana )

Lionel/Martha )

And finally, because I didn't have enough stories to give threesomes a day of their own, here are a couple
Lionel/Martha/Jonathan stories )
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Here's another set of Lionel recs, this time slash. (I'm doing Luthorcest recs separately, so this is all the slash recs that aren't Lionel/Lex).

Lionel/Clark--which has a surprisingly large number of stories )

Lionel/Jonathan )

Lionel/Morgan Edge )

Lionel/Whitney )
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For my second day of Lionel-themed recs, I am recommending stories that focus on Luthor family life. This set of recs includes any story in which the primary focus is the Luthor family as a whole or Lionel's relationship with Lillian, Julian, his parents, or the extended Luthor clan. As with the last set of recs, there's lots of good stories in here for Lex lovers, too, since he is a primary focus in a lot of these stories.

36 Luthor family recs behind the cut )
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I know all my SV folks are going into withdrawal, a little, with no new episode until next week, so this seems like a good time to roll out my newest recommendations project: Lionel-centered recs.

As long-time readers of my journal know, I love Lionel. And at some point when I was finishing up the smutrecs, I decided that my next project was going to be a list of good, Lionel-centric stories. I thought this would be a short list, something I would post in one day. HA! Once I started systematically looking for Lionel stories, I realized that Lionel is *everywhere.* A lot of the best gen and Clex stories in this fandom have Lionel playing a major role, and as long as there was something interesting in his characterization--more than just generic villainy--I ended up including them in the list.

In the end, I ended up dividing the recs into 5 categories (which I will post over a five-day period): Luthorcest, Lionel slash, Lionel het, Luthor family stories (which is where I put anything with Lillian, Julian, Lex's childhood or extended Luthor family), and finally "generic Lionel character pieces," which is a catchall for anything that didn't fit in the first 4 categories.I'm going to start, today, with the generic Lionel character pieces.

Why should you check out this list, if you're not particular fond of Lionel? Well, for one thing, this is where I've placed all the Lionel-Lex conflict stories (at least the ones that aren't incest), so if you're a Lex fan, there's lots of good stuff in here for you. This is also where all the "Lionel dealing with the Clex" stories are. This category also includes stories about Lionel's youth, his blindness, his incarceration, and his complex relationship with his son.

So, with no further ado, here are 30+ Lionel recs )


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