Aug. 3rd, 2007 10:22 am
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Before I get to the controversy, did everybody see this announcement that [ profile] scribblinlenore's in the hospital? Someone is going to be setting up a comm for well wishes; I'll link when I have more info.

So everybody's talking about migration again, after the permanent suspension of some HP fan artists for underage art. [ profile] elke_tanzer has a good roundup of links here and you can see comments from one of the suspended artists at their GJ sites here.

A lot of folks in HP fandom are talking about moving to another service in solidarity, or because they think this is just the first wave of direct attacks on fans. [ profile] synecdochic offers another perspective, and [ profile] elynross expands on the legal issues a bit here. At this point I tend to agree that moving to another provider is a short-term solution at best, because if the real problem is witchhunts against anyone who might be "endangering children online," IJ and GJ are likely to be just as vulnerable. And many people have raised the issue that migration would mean the loss of people's networks, though [ profile] florahart is trying to strategize a more organized way to migrate that might solve some of those problems. Other folks are talking about setting up a fannish version of LJ , run by fans so it's not as subject to outside pressures. Actually several other people have had that idea, so I hope they are talking to each other about it. If you're interested, there's a community to talk about this here.

For those who are considering migrating, here's a place where you can leave a forwarding address so people can find you in the future: A couple other suggestions for helping people keep track of you when you move can be found here.There are a lot of good links for how to back up your LJ here. ETA: A great tutorial for doing that is available here: Some folks are recommending that if you have content that might cause you to get banned (drawings, manips, or even fic of underage sex) and you mod a community, at the very least you make sure you have a comod in the event that you get suspended.

As always, I am [ profile] norwich36 on GJ and IJ too.
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So they decided to amp things up a bit. This post [caution: I've been warned there are HP spoilers in the comments on the ljbiz post, so you may want to avoid reading them] makes me really, really glad I didn't buy a permanent account. The relevant bit for fans is this:

To reiterate, though, we take a zero-tolerance stance on these sorts of material:

1. Material which violates United States law

Our servers are located in the United States, and so that means that LiveJournal is subject to United States law. This particular item in our policy covers content that inherently violates specific United States criminal statutes ....This includes...child pornography (photos or videos), or other material -- including drawings and text -- that explicitly depicts minors under the age of 18 (real or not) in a graphic sexual context. Or, in other words: Romeo and Juliet is okay. Teens talking about their experiences with sex is okay. Smut focused on a twelve year old is not okay.

And while the person speaking for LJ keeps talking about 12-year-olds, the policy explicitly says text depicting graphic sex with persons under 18 violates the TOS. Which to me sounds like all explicit fic featuring season 1-4 Clex, for example. So I hope everyone took the advice of people in the last round of the strikethrough and backed up your fic. Here's a link with advice for how to back up your livejournal, if you haven't done so.

Does this mean the fannish migration will be happening after all? (I am sure it means lots of HP folks will be migrating, at the very least, and lots and lots of fic will be locked up very tightly from now on.)
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So, my friends, what are you doing in the aftermath of the Great LJ Strikethrough of 2007? I'm a little torn, myself. My faith in LJ has been shaken enough that I'm probably not going to buy a permanent account, but other than that...I'm just not sure. In addition to my greatestjournal account, due to the persuasions of [ profile] bop_radar and [ profile] huzzlewhat I now have accounts at multiply and insanejournal, respectively, though multiply seems a little too...myspaceish or something, to me, so I doubt I'll actually be doing anything over there, and may actually delete that account. (I'm norwich36 everywhere).

What is everyone else doing?

[Poll #995160]

Oh, and here are a couple funny links related to the great strikethrough: I absolutely adore this person's profile, revised to clarify that she doesn't necessarily condone all her interests. And this is a funny (and image-heavy) link to some of the creativity that came out of the fan protests.

And join [ profile] fandom_counts, if you haven't already. Over 30,000 fans in less than two days! And [ profile] seperis encourages community owners to add "fandomcommscount" to your comm interests, so we can get a count of fandom communities too.


May. 31st, 2007 01:26 am
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It only took them, what, 36 hours to respond to us? The response is here:
At least they start out by admitting they screwed up, which is a good sign, though I want to see exactly what happens from here before I make any decisions.

I still think it's a good idea to make them aware of our numbers and how seriously we take this, so if you haven't already joined [ profile] fandom_counts (more than 22,000 members in less than 24 hours! Sometimes fandom rocks), please go do so.

I tried going to bed earlier and I was so overtired I couldn't sleep; hopefully now I'll be able to.
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Well, I suppose the good news about the livejournal purge is that it's happening before I shelled out $150 for a permanent account. I didn't have any interests that would have drawn attention, but in solidarity I deleted them all and put "freedom of speech" as my sole interest.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, there's info here and here and purportedly here, though I can't get fandom wank to load, personally.

ETA Other good links as I find them: here (this is actually the best brief summary of the situation I've seen); here (a list of the deleted communities); here (an easy link to add freedom of speech to your interests); here for a very thorough review of what's going on, list of banned comms and resource list; here for more info on the group behind this and LJ's response; here and here for some suggestions on how we might respond; here for some suggestions on how to get Six Apart to take our concerns seriously, e.g. paid users threatening to leave/mentioning that you won't be buying a permanent account because of this; here for a call to "push back" in response to this; here for some summary of legal issues (and why lawsuits probably won't work as a response).

ETA 2 Since I realize my post was not very informative, the basic gist is: LJ is permanently suspending accounts like [ profile] pornish_pixies that have terms like incest listed as interests, as a result of pressure from some vigilante anti-childporn group. The links above have a lot more detail about this, but that's the short version.

Well, if fandom all decides to migrate, I'm norwich36 at greatest journal as well.


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