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I finally got around to watching this, and now I want all the meta. Anyone written anything (or seen anything good)?
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"The reason why Batman and Superman have remained popular for decades is because they don’t overlap. As complete opposites in theme and tone, they aren’t really competing. But Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan wanted to make Superman a more mature and respectable hero, and they did it in the only way they knew how: by making him into a darker and more serious character, and therefore edging him dangerously close to territory that was already covered by the consistently violent and angst-ridden Batman.

Of course, the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier has just proven that this strategy wasn’t really necessary. While Superman is often described as being an old-fashioned hero, Captain America was literally born during the Great Depression. Instead of rebooting him to be a more morally ambiguous character, Marvel kept him as wholesome, loyal, and old-school heroic as ever, and dropped him into a situation where he could lead a cast of 21st century characters who had spent too long in the shadows." Full essay here .

This really captures both why I am really loving all the recent Marvel universe movies and why I really hated the most recent Superman reboot.
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This post about the sort of personal information some people include when making requests at story finder comms amused me, but I was also interested in some of the discussion in the comments about TMI people have left as story feedback, e.g. talking about the moisture content of their underwear after reading a particular story. I, too, would find that to be a little TMI, but I wondered what authors--and readers--thought about what constitutes too much information when it comes to reader responses to erotic content in a story.

Because presumably if you're writing an erotic story, you're trying to provoke a particular response, yes? And I assume the TMI feedbackers are just trying to find variants of "omg that was so hot" because 25 other people have already made that comment. I myself am partial to "I think my brain just melted," or possibly just "Guh," but again, those are fairly common, and I imagine when you're particularly, um, moved by a story, I can understand how you might want to convey that more strongly.

So, writers: when, if ever, does feedback about the sexual content of your stories go to far for you? And what is "too far"? (Funny feedback stories encouraged as long as the names aren't attached). Readers: have you ever gone too far in a comment and been embarrassed later?

I'll start: embarrassing feedback story behind the cut )

Edited to add: Wow, it's always exciting when I start a big discussion! Of course I always manage to do it on weeks when work is crazy. I promise to get to all the comments eventually, but maybe not all of them today. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.
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There are only a few more days to vote on the [ profile] harlequin_sv stories, so if you haven't checked out the community and read any of the fantastic stories over there, you really should!

[ profile] bop_radar just posted the last in her series of essays on the seven basic plots as applied to Smallville . This whole series of essays is really interesting and worth reading, if you haven't read them before.

And [ profile] huzzlewhat has some really interesting thoughts on costuming and symbolism in Smallville as expressed in "Combat."
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I've been having a few interesting discussions with people in my comments and in other peoples comments about Heroes, and so I'm bringing those together here for my own reference and also to see if anyone has thoughts about them. Also, it's an excuse to use my new Niki icon.

First of all, [ profile] random_serious and I were kind of bemused that Clearly Evil Pixie's ( TM [ profile] latxcvi) name is actually Eden. Is that an ironic usage? That prompted me to look up the meaning of different characters' names. Here is what I was able to find, though I don't actually speak Japanese, so if anyone can weigh in with corrections that would be great.

Niki: Depending on its derivation, it either means "victory of the people" (if From Nichola--though Nike by itself is just victory) or "true image" (if taken from Veronica).

Mohinder: great Indra (and Indra is the Vedic god of thunder, patron of warriors)

Claire: Clear, bright, famous

Michah: who is like God

Matthew: Gift of God

Nathan: giver (or if it's short for Nathaniel, God has given)

Peter: rock

Bennett: from "Benedict," meaning Blessed

Isaac: he laughs

I couldn't find specific definitions for Hiro (Hiroshi means generous, but I couldn't find Hiro by itself) or Ando (the word means "relief" if the online Japanese to English dictionary I found can be trusted), though of course Hiro must have been deliberately chosen since it sounds like Hero.

I don't know if I draw any conclusions from these names, whether they're deliberate or accidental, intentional or ironic, but it was interesting to look them up.

And behind the cut, unrelated speculation on Niki and her alter-ego that include spoilers for 1x06 (but I'm unspoiled beyond that--please don't spoil me!)
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