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Apparently Meryl Streep has a new movie coming out this summer--"Ricki and the Flash"--where she's "a guitar player returning home to make amends to her family" and the second lead on IMDB is listed as Sebastian Stan!!!!! (Also starring Kevin Kline, Rick Springfield and Audra MacDonald).
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1. It's two weeks since Fast and Furious 6 came out, and there is no Letty/Riley slash on A03 (or anyplace else I can find.) Universe, why aren't you catering to my needs?

2. [personal profile] rsadelle persuaded me to see "Now You See Me," and despite the fact that neither Jesse Eisenberg nor Mark Ruffalo is much of a draw for me, it was a really fun caper movie, with one of my all-time favorite movie fight scenes. (Magic for the win!)

3. Probably everyone in Avengers fandom has already seen this, but if not, Steve Rogers' American Captain is a fantastic "diary comic" about Steve coping with life in the modern world.

Iron Man 3

May. 3rd, 2013 07:39 pm
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This is definitely my favorite of the 3 movies, in part because its heart is in the relationships more than the action sequences. Read more... )
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Dear folksy guy at the farmer's market: When I ask you for specific sodium content for a jarred product that I know very well you just redistribute for a larger agriculture company, not make yourself, a helpful answer is NOT "just take more blood pressure medicine, you'll be fine!"

Dear young women in midriff-baring blouses at the farmer's market: please tell me these are shirts you've owned for a long time and not a return of the worst fashion trend of the 00's, please!

Dear Steve/Bucky author: while I approve of any and all Steve/Bucky fic, it strains credulity when the whole premise of your plot comes from a movie that wasn't made until 70 years after Steve committed said premise. (I checked the OED to confirm this--a minimum of research it doesn't seem to have occurred to you to do!)

Dear Bruce Willis: I hope you made a lot of money for the ridiculousness of the latest Die Hard movie, because [personal profile] rsadelle and I both agreed that Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters had a better plot. (I will say it is one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time, though the humor wasn't generally deliberate.)
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I wanted to start posting more regularly this year, but I usually post about TV, and I find myself watching very little TV lately--and I honestly feel like it is better for my mental health. (I appreciate the quietness in my house at night, and I'm also listening to a lot more music, and I feel like I am calmer and like I have more brainspace, or something). But it makes me feel like a bad fangirl.

But I haven't given TV up entirely. I really liked this week's Good Wife, for example. Read more... )

I also went and saw "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" last weekend with [personal profile] rsadelle, and while I went in with low expectations, it was even more hilariously awful than I was anticipating. Read more... )


Dec. 19th, 2012 07:27 pm
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I just saw The Hobbit, and while I am enough of a LOTR fan (books and movies) that I enjoyed being able to roll around in that universe for 3 hours, as an actual movie I was a bit underwhelmed. The acting is great, the scenery is gorgeous, and I was mostly unspoiled so I was very excited to see familiar faces I wasn't expecting, but wow does this not need to be three movies. I agree with everyone complaining about the pacing and length. Not that that will stop me from seeing the others, of course.

And I feel a little robbed, because they did NOT show the 9 minute Star Trek trailer in my theater. :-(
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I actually managed to watch both Elementary and Last Resort. I didn't have really strong feelings about Elementary either way; I'll probably watch a couple more episodes before I make a decision. I actually loved Last Resort, even though the plot had me completely goggling--I really liked most of the main characters, and I'm pretty curious where they're going to go from here, so I will probably watch that as well.

Meanwhile, [ profile] rsadelle and I went to see Pitch Perfect today, and I completely and totally loved it--not just for the musical numbers (which I expected to love), but also by the way it completely managed to satirize every teen movie ever while still being a good teen movie, not just a parody of one. I may go see it again next week, that's how much I liked it. The trailer for it is here; if you like the trailer you're pretty much guaranteed to like the movie.
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Between my trip home and fannish excursions with [personal profile] rsadelle and [personal profile] talitha78, I feel like I've seen a lot of movies lately, though I don't have much to say about most of them. Nonspoilery reactions: Sherlock Holmes had ALL THE SLASH (so much I'm surprised it didn't create a sort of vortex sucking all the slash out of every other existing source); Mission Impossible was not nearly as slashy as I had been told it was, though it was still a fun popcorn movie; and We Bought a Zoo was just as formula as you're expecting, though enlivened by a great cast (Colin Ford, aka young Sam Winchester; Elle Fanning, aka that great young actress from Super 8; Scarlett Johannsen, and Maggie Elizabeth Jones, who seriously may be the cutest child in world history). My only real complain about We Bought a Zoo is that Matt Damon has got to stop playing these bad-hair roles; it's kind of traumatizing.

What else? I mainlined Once Upon a Time a couple weekends ago, and now I am reading all the Emma/Regina I can find, because that's exactly the kind of enemy slash I live for. (I'm only about halfway through the Yuletide stories, though, since I'm making myself read alphabetically as an attempt at self-discipline.

My current total obsession, though, is Avengers, and I'm not really sure how that happened, though I'm sure [personal profile] talitha78 shares at least a bit of the blame credit. Possibly if I get more organized, Yuletide and Avengers recs will follow sometime in the near-ish future.

And that's pretty much everything I've been up to on my winter vacation. *Waves**
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1. Dear certain people on my friends list, and I'm sure you know who you are: I am really hoping you are eventually going to post reviews of the Smallville finale. Not that I've been obsessively refreshing my flist for the past few days or anything.

2. I saw Thor tonight (going in with no expectations whatsoever, as I am completely unfamiliar with comic canon) and really, really enjoyed it. If you reviewed it, could you drop me a link?

3. I saw Priest this weekend, and other than having a half-formed essay about the role of religion in that movie, I really have nothing to say. Karl Urban looked pretty badass? That's about it.

4. In case you don't have her friended, [ profile] butterfly has been posting some pretty amazing analyses of the Vampire Diaries finale--the most interesting one here about pack morality and the show, which has really interesting insights into some of the more disturbing decisions Elena and crew have been making lately.

5. I swear I have posted and deleted at least 4 versions of a reaction post to the H50 season finale--deleted because I couldn't contain my rants at other fans' reactions to the episode. It's starting to look to me like H50 is going to be a show that I enjoy watching and talking about with maybe 2 people that I trust, but I'll have to avoid the fandom for my own sanity.

Edited to Add: Expect spoilers for all of these (SV finale, Thor, Priest, TVD finale, H50 finale) in the comments.
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I had a pretty terrible week at work, capped by a perfectly awful day today (lots and lots of people complaining to me about things I couldn't fix, and lots of stupid glitchy technical problems, one of which needed to be redone seven times--in about a 25 step process each time!--before I finally fixed it), but my day is ending 1000 times better because of three wonderful things:

1. Dinner and a movie with the always delightful [ profile] rsadelle; we had yummy vegan food and then went to see Julie and Julia, which was completely made of win; I haven't laughed that hard at a movie in a really long time, and my comment as it ended was that I could watch the entire thing over again immediately, I loved it so much.

2. Psych, which is always wonderful but today did a fabulous homage to the Exorcist that I really enjoyed

3. A wonderful plot development in the latest section posted of [ profile] poisontaster's marvellous A Kept Boy universe, one I've been looking forward to a long time.

Oh, fandom, you make my life bearable. After tonight I'm not even feeling too bad about having to work this weekend.
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I took myself to see Up last weekend, and it was every bit as good as people say it is. Cut for slight spoilers )

And it became clear to me that I am truly a slasher at heart when I couldn't help thinking that the stork and the cloud-creator-thing in the short preceding Up were meant-to-be-together.

On the other hand, slash goggles only got me so far when I finally got to see Merlin last weekend. (I was surprised more people on my flist weren't talking about the U.S. premiere, but I guess everybody else is not on dialup and therefore downloaded it months ago?) Read more... )
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I've been hearing about this film for months, and I always like to support my favorite CW actors in their film projects, plus I just finished a year-long work-project-from-hell today with two very stressful presentations, so I wanted a break, and so I decided to go ahead and watch this.

Oh, not Watchman. (Someday, I'm sure). Instead I'm talking about the eagerly anticipated, extremely overhyped film that has all the fanboys talking: Kristin Kreuk's Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li. And despite the fact that it's metacritic score was a whopping 17 (OUCH), I actually enjoyed it a lot, for what it was. More than I liked that Jared Padalecki horror thing, anyway. I definitely would have given it at *least* a 40/100. Maybe even 45!

So for the 4 or so KK fans on my f-list, here's a more detailed (and spoilery) review: Read more... )
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[ profile] rsadelle and I went to see Twilight today, mostly for mocking purposes (though we were good in the theater itself and didn't talk and mostly covered our mouths when we were giggling hysterically, to spare the sensibilities of the 13-year-old girl sitting in front of us). But to be fair, I actually enjoyed large chunks of the movie on its own merits, and thought the parts that were bad were so over-the-top bad they actually landed in the "good" category again. Read more... )
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So I did end up seeing Iron Man yesterday, and I may get around to posting my thoughts on it eventually, but what I really want to do is read reviews of it. And then I was thinking about the fact that I am often a few weeks behind everyone else when it comes to seeing movies, and I never remember to bookmark people's reviews as they come out (for fear of inadvertantly spoiling myself), and how useful it would be if there was a community where people posted their movie reviews.

Does such a community exist, does anyone know?

Edited to add: Spoilers for Ironman in the comments


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