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I was planning on going to see Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing" for my birthday, but the closest it is playing is two hours away, and I don't own a car. Hence, a poll:

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It's perfectly reasonable to spend $68 on trainfare, spend 2 hours each way on the train and then walk three miles in each direction to see this movie, right?

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I can't think of a better way to spend your birthday
0 (0.0%)

You could always figure out the bus routes or take a cab to skip the 6 mile walk
0 (0.0%)

You are a CRAZY person. CRAZY.
0 (0.0%)

You might as well spend $20 more and go to San Francisco for your birthday, where you could see the movie and do fun SF things
8 (100.0%)

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Poll #12538 Named storms
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What do you think of the Weather Channel's new trend: naming snowstorms

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Completely ridiculous
5 (55.6%)

Well, why should hurricanes get all the fun?
4 (44.4%)

The most recent winter storm is named Gandolf. Your response?

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Learn how to spell, Weather Channel. It's Gandalf!
9 (100.0%)

That's good--it guarantees fireworks!
2 (22.2%)

That's bad--not even a Balrog can overcome it!
1 (11.1%)

I have a more witty response I will share in the comments
0 (0.0%)

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Though between work craziness, health craziness and family craziness I may well be brain dead. So my total reaction to tonight's SPN is summed up in this poll:

[Poll #1514926]

I might have actual thoughts about the episode sometime this weekend. Maybe.
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So I was rewatching "Afterschool Special" tonight, mainly for Dean in gym shorts, and I saw a preview of that new vampire show on the CW that's going in Smallville's old timeslot: Vampire Diaries. And wow, does it look like a terrible Twilight ripoff, though a little googling informs me that it's actually based on a book series that predates Twilight. (I may have even read the books--they sound vaguely familiar). And I guess a cast that includes Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder is going to be a plus for some people. But I think if I end up watching it it's mainly going to be for the same reason I ended up seeing "Twilight": to mock it mercilessly.

[Poll #1440813]
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Things that are made of fail, today's edition:

Mostly me, for (a) turning my alarm off rather than just hitting snooze, causing me to (b) wake up 20 minutes before I was supposed to be at work, resulting in (c) me wearing a blouse inside out for two solid hours before noticing. (I really hope that means no one else noticed).

Things that are made of win

1. Ok, you may as well issue me my official tin hat, because I am all giggly and bouncy at the idea that Jared and Jensen are living together (even if that reporter turns out to have been wrong).

2. Last night's Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles was awesome. Spoilery poll on the episode behind the cut )
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The major part of my work insanity is nearing an end, and I will soon have free time again, at least on the weekends. Yay! I am so far behind on movies I want to see, and now I can't decide if I should work my way forward chronologically (lest Iron Man leave the theaters as newer blockbusters get released) or if I want to go see the new Indiana Jones movie right away. Or maybe Prince Caspian. So many decisions! It's been ages since there was more than one new movie I wanted to see, so I'm out of the habit of making hard decisions.

[Poll #1191727]
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So a week ago Monday was my 4th LJversary, and I had this big plan to make it coincide with my 500th post, but then I felt like I should say something deep and significant in my 500th post, and the pressure was too much, and work got crazy, so I never posted. And in the meantime I had a lot of little silly posts I wanted to make, but once again I was weighted down by the need for significance. Sigh.

So instead of posting, I added to my recs . I have a love-hate relationship with A little more rambling about my neuroses )

But then when I got heavily into SPN fic at the end of last summer, after I had exhausted all the recs lists I knew about, I started using the delicious search feature to find stories, and liked that a lot better than just googling around. I also just found it really interesting to see what kind of stories people had saved in their own delicious accounts, and what sort of tagging systems they used. So I started saving more of the stories I read there. But of course, now that I spend so much time digging around other people's pages, I get self-conscious about my own, and what it might be saying about me to anyone else poking around the site. Like, a couple weeks ago I was appalled to realize I had three times as many Sam/Dean stories tagged as I had Clark/Lex stories tagged--mainly because I hadn't transferred most of my SV recs from LJ to delicious--so I spent most of a Friday evening entering old SV recs. (Argh. I barely made a dent. That's a project for another time). Another day I looked and thought, wow, considering that about half the SPN stories I read are het, it's surprising how few Sam/Jess stories I have tagged--so I spent the day rereading Sam/Jess stories and tagging them this time. I've done that for...I don't even want to admit how many of the tags I have.

But in addition to the tags I want to be visible to represent me (and my excellent reading taste) to the world at large, there's also the tags I'm not sure I want to cop to. I'm not positive, but I think that even if you privatize a particular bookmark, your tags are still visible to the world? (I could be wrong about this) I had this whole quandary about whether I wanted a Dean/John tag that was visible to the world. (HILARIOUS considering I once compiled an entire list of Luthorcest recs--but delicious is used by more than fans, and it is definitely more searchable than LJ, so I definitely feel more exposed). And then there's the "what lists of my favorite sexual kinks do I really want hanging out for the whole world to see"? Pegging, ok, genderswap, ok, feminization, maybe not so much. Et cetera. And how many stories have to have a certain theme before I actually tag them that way?

And then there's the "network" function. I had had a couple people add me to their network long, long ago and never given it another thought until [ profile] kristiinthedark made a throway comment a while back that made me realize "holy god, some people actually look at that and realize precisely how often I read threesome bondage bodyswap and-then-they-grew-wings" stories," and the blush pretty much covered my entire body. But I also started actually looking at networks and using them to find more fic. Though sometimes the full body blush is out of embarassment for random-person-I-discovered-surfing-someone's-network, because I guess I really didn't need to know how much they loved [insert kink of choice that squicks you] stories. Cut for even MORE rambling about how the mixture of bookmarks and social networking increases my anxiety about random things )

SO: now a POLL on your own practices in saving things, using delicious, etc. Cut to spare the non-interested: Read more... )
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[Poll #1166468]

This poll brought to you by my marvellous and healthy dinner of nachos and cheesefood.
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Since there was a certain amount of discussion here about whether I was unusual for only shaving my legs from the knee down, I thought this merited a poll.

[Poll #1060405]
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This particular poll of randomosity was inspired (a) by [ profile] toadstoolsmiles magnificent confidence in her own self-love (if you don't know what I'm talking about, go here and here) and (b) looking up a couple people's profiles today and noticing they had themselves friended.

[Poll #1043523]

And if you would friend yourself, assuming you were a different person friending the person you are now, why would you friend yourself? Please take this as an excuse to talk about how cool you are in the comments.

Self-praise: it's the next best thing to sex with your own clone!
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So, my friends, what are you doing in the aftermath of the Great LJ Strikethrough of 2007? I'm a little torn, myself. My faith in LJ has been shaken enough that I'm probably not going to buy a permanent account, but other than that...I'm just not sure. In addition to my greatestjournal account, due to the persuasions of [ profile] bop_radar and [ profile] huzzlewhat I now have accounts at multiply and insanejournal, respectively, though multiply seems a little too...myspaceish or something, to me, so I doubt I'll actually be doing anything over there, and may actually delete that account. (I'm norwich36 everywhere).

What is everyone else doing?

[Poll #995160]

Oh, and here are a couple funny links related to the great strikethrough: I absolutely adore this person's profile, revised to clarify that she doesn't necessarily condone all her interests. And this is a funny (and image-heavy) link to some of the creativity that came out of the fan protests.

And join [ profile] fandom_counts, if you haven't already. Over 30,000 fans in less than two days! And [ profile] seperis encourages community owners to add "fandomcommscount" to your comm interests, so we can get a count of fandom communities too.
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Behind the cut, a poll that's spoilery for next week's previews (but not more than that--don't spoil me more, please) and a few brief comments on tonight's episode

Read more... )
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Poll about that spoiler from the preview behind the cut.

Read more... )


Nov. 13th, 2006 07:19 am
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So I spent a big chunk of the weekend rereading classic Clex, and although I always enjoy doing that I started wondering about whether these big, romantic sacrifices Clark and Lex end up making for each other in some stories bear any resemblance to real life relationships. Not that they necessarily *should*--that's the joy of fiction--but I did start wondering if I would really make some of the sacrifices they make in many classic stories. So, a poll:

[Poll #866606]
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I was thinking of doing that meme that's been going around, where you ask people on your f-list to post pictures of people to represent their mental image of you, but then I thought that since something like 70% of the icons I use on a regular basis (including my default) are of Chloe Sullivan, that's probably the mental picture most people have of me.

And then I saw this interesting post linked on [ profile] metafandom, in which the poster talks about getting confused when different people on her f-list used the same icons, and it reminded me that I wanted to do a poll on people's different icon philosophies, because I am curious.

[Poll #816425]

some nattering about my own philosophy on icons behind the cut )
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::Waving at everyone:: I've been travelling a lot, if you've wondered where I've been lately. And today is my last day to play on lj for a while, since I'm going on a work-related wilderness retreat tomorrow, with no net access for several days (*sob*).

But while I'm still here, I wanted to do a poll. I just read this entry on [ profile] metafandom, discussing a Guardian essay which suggests that "of 100 people online in a given community, only one will produce content. Ten will comment on it, and the other 89 will simply view it." [ profile] cofax7 tends to disagree with this statistic, at least in reference to lj, but I'm not so sure.

As you know, I lurked for years myself, so I'm more inclined to think there are quite a few people out there who are reading along (and maybe feeling connected to fandom) who talk little or not at all on lj. In fact, I imagine there are lots of lurkers reading out there who don't even have lj accounts. Ok, maybe they're not reading my exciting journal--clearly their loss-- but they're probably reading journals of their favorite authors.

SO here's a poll just for lurkers! Lurkers--that is, people who almost never or never comment or post entries on lj-- come take my poll! If you don't have an lj account, feel free to answer the poll questions anonymously in my comments; behind the cut I'll put a cut-and-pasteable version of the poll. And if you want to delurk long enough to explain why you lurk, feel free to do so in the comments.

[Poll #782913]

The poll for people without livejournal accounts )

And all you non-lurkers out there: did you ever lurk? Here I'm talking about more than hanging out for a couple weeks getting the lay of the land--let's say to call yourself a former lurker you had to have lurked for at least 6 months. If so, why? And what made you delurk? Since you're all claiming to no longer be lurkers, I'm going to make you actual comment to respond to this, rather than giving you ticky boxes!
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Squeaking under the wire to wish [ profile] digitalwave a very happy birthday!

I am stunned and amazed to report that LANA LANG BEAT JOHN SHEPPARD in the official hair-off. I am using my shiniest Lana hair icon in celebration; apologies to the non-Lexana folks out there, but her hair in this shot mesmerizes me. My only explanation for Lana's victory is that no one let the SGA folks in on the fact that we were having this contest.

For some reason, a discussion about Stephen Colbert in my comments made me realize that I don't know where all of you folks on my flist are from. Now, I've seen those weird "plot you on a map via your IP address" things, which seem a little stalkery and privacy invading to me, but if you're comfortable saying in a general way where you live, take my poll.

[Poll #762966]


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