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After reading several reviews about how the hilarious awfulness of this movie made it worth watching, I of course had to see it. Read more... )
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Damn, people. That was actually an awesome episode. I feel like I've been seriously rewarded for sticking with this show. Spoilers, naturally. ALSO this episode spoils Captain America: Winter Soldier, not in specific detail but if you're avoiding spoilers for the movie I'd avoid this. Also, note this review is mostly me just incoherently flailing.Read more... )
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Cutting for length, not spoilers, since it's just links inside. Feel free to add links to other Iron Man reviews in the comments. I'm doing this since I know some of you will have to wait to see the movie, and it sucks not to be able to talk about it/read comments about it because you've been carefully trying not to spoil yourself and finding all those reviews again is just too hard. Just fyi, the reviews I'm collecting are all positive ones (that is, they often have some criticism but overall they're more squeeful than critical), since I really liked the film, but feel free to leave links to negative or more mixed ones in the comments--just indicate that to prevent squee-harshing, please. Read more... )
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Spoilers for last night's episode. Nothing very deep. Read more... )
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I've been on a veritable orgy of movie watching this week. Major plot spoilers for all three films beneath the cuts:

X-files )

Batman )

Hancock )

Mamma Mia!

Jul. 20th, 2008 12:56 am
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Is it a spoiler to say that Pierce Brosnan really can't sing? Not that I really cared--everybody else was amazing, and that was the most fun I've had at a movie in a really long time. More reactions. Not really spoilery, but cut just in case )


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