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I still haven't had the mental energy to decide for certain whether I'm deleting my LJ or just flocking everything and ending crossposting, but once the import queue at DW has dropped down a little I'm going to re-import to make sure I catch any LJ only comments and do one or the other.

The only community I ever modded on LJ was Eat Crow, and during the 4 years or so I was modding it was basically just collecting links to Smallville reviews on LJ. Since most of those links are probably going to be dead in the near future, I didn't see much point in transferring the community over to DW, especially since it hasn't been active since Smallville went off the air in 2011. But it occurred to me this morning that there was a period in the early era of the comm that people actually had a lot of episode discussion on the comm itself. I still haven't accepted the TOS of LJ, so I can't actually look right now to see how extensive that was, but I recall there being quite a lot of discussion for at least the first couple years.

So--does anyone think it's worth importing the community to DW? My inclination at the moment is not to do so, but if anyone really wants to ensure that history is preserved, drop a comment here and let me know. (And at the end of the month when I have more time and am actually importing things over here, I'll pose this question on LJ as well for the few remaining folks over there).

Vid rec

Aug. 15th, 2011 07:24 am
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Okay, in case you missed [ profile] serrico's recommendation of this amazing vid by dualbunny and sweetestdrain and greensilver, I must boost the signal. You must watch this if you've ever been a Clex fan. I can't say anything more about it except that it is a completely life-changing experience. I don't think I'll ever look at that relationship in the same way again.
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They post Smallville eps to the CW website, right? My local CW channel went out for about 35 minutes, so I didn't get to see tonight's episode, DAMMIT.

On the other hand, as I was fooling around online waiting to see if the channel would come back, I ran across that SUPER EXCITING CASTING SPOILER FOR THE SERIES FINALE!!!!!, and now I am SO happy! Squee beneath the cut )
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I thought it was in reruns until the end of March. Hey, east coast people, was it a new episode tonight?
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For the first time in, umm, 5 years? I'm not watching Smallville as it airs--I have actual social-life-type plans for tonight, so I expect my Smallville review won't be posted until Saturday or Sunday. Unless I end up having insomnia tonight, anyway.

Also, while I will continue to post master review posts for [ profile] eat_crow, the Smallville review comm, I am not going to be consistently collecting reviews for that community any more, so if you want your review to be publicized beyond your own flist, please drop a link there.


Sep. 9th, 2009 05:24 pm
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So, season 9. I have to confess, I'm not entirely sure I'm going to be watching. This is not precisely due to the perceived direction of the season (I've read a few spoilers, though not that many); I think it's more a combination of (a) the show moving to Friday nights and (b) my sense of disconnection from the fandom.

Probably the Friday night factor is definitive. What little social life I have takes place on Friday nights, and I know from past experience I'm really *bad* about keeping up with shows I have to tape. (I'm about 4 episodes behind on Merlin, and 3 on Leverage, for example--and at a certain point I don't have a lot of motive to keep up, because the fannish conversation has moved on).

And it was the fannish conversation that kept me in SV long after the first great out-migration, and even after the second. Hell, I *became* active when everyone was leaving, back in season 4, and I have reviewed every single episode since season 5 on. But last year I noticed I was really out of step with a lot of my former SV conversation partners, and I was avoiding their reviews to stop myself from getting into stupid character wars or taking character criticisms personally (and I assume the reverse was also happening, since the comments on my own reviews went way down). So I just don't know what's going to happen this season. I'm not going to say I'm going to stop reviewing altogether. I know better to make that sort of grand pronouncement; it basically ensures I would renege on it a week later. But I know myself, and if I am avoiding people's reviews to avoid conflict, I'm not going to have an incentive to keep up with the show when I'm not watching it live, so I'm expecting a slow fade as the season progresses. Just FYI.


Sep. 11th, 2008 09:14 pm
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Ok, I reconfirmed at several places that the Smallville premiere is next week, so why the heck did they show the rerun of "Quest" rather than "Arctic" tonight? Dammit, I was looking forward to rewatching that pivotal Clark-Lex scene. And while I kind of liked Quest the first time, I found it pretty damn tedious this time around.
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Only one week until the Smallville premiere! Yay!

In preparation for this, I wanted to remind everyone of the community I mod, [ profile] eat_crow, which is a comm focused on Smallville episode reviews and general meta. One thing I do for every new episode is make a master post for people to link to their own episode reviews. I also (when time permits) collect links to reviews myself, and post them on the master post. I use the [ profile] svreviewwatch account to do this.

I know that in the past few months there has been an influx of new Smallville fans, many of whom I haven't personally interacted with. If you (or someone you know) is a new SV fan and likely to write reviews/commentary on season 8 episodes, could you leave a comment with your (or their) name here so I can add them to the watch list?

The complete list of the folks [ profile] svreviewwatch has friended is behind the cut, if you want to check if you're already on the list. (Oh, and even if you've left the fandom, I'm keeping you on that list, because I live in denial of the idea that anyone could really leave SV fandom forever. If you strongly object to having your future reviews linked, though, let me know and I will take you off.)

Read more... )

vid rec

Oct. 4th, 2007 11:12 am
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OMG. This may be the best crossover (mashup/constructed reality) vid I have ever seen: The Chosen Ones, a Smallville/BTVS crossover by [ profile] vyperman7. It's a trailer for a Buffy/Clark film, and it works so well I was amazed. Now I really wish this was an actual movie. (Link courtesy of [ profile] liviapenn).
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] mskatej, who is one of my favorite people in the world. She is the very first person to ever write porn especially for me. And not only that, but for my past two birthdays she has not only written me porn, but she's actually written pairings that she herself finds strange and weird, because she's such a wonderful person.

So I wanted to reciprocate, somehow. As everyone knows, I am not a writer (of fiction, anyway), but after much hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth and handholding by [ profile] bop_radar (who deserves many thanks for a very last-minute beta), I have committed fic. Well, it's really more like a ficlet, but at 700 words it is the longest thing I've ever written, and probably the first non-parody story I've ever actually finished. So, happy birthday, Kate!

Title: Natural Sense
Fandom: Smallville
Character/Pairing: Lois-centric, sort of Cloisy, with mentions of other Lois/m pairings
Set sometime between "Crimson" and "Prototype"
Summary: Lois is not attracted to Clark, regardless of what that wannabe psychic thinks )
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I don't know about anyone else, but I have never gone to the CW website and played any of those games they keep advertising--but apparently they contain some interesting backstory that might affect your reading of the SV finale, depending on how much you accept non-aired material as canon. [ profile] entil2001 talks about it in a review of "Phantom" here --spoilers for Phantom, obviously.


Nov. 13th, 2006 07:19 am
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So I spent a big chunk of the weekend rereading classic Clex, and although I always enjoy doing that I started wondering about whether these big, romantic sacrifices Clark and Lex end up making for each other in some stories bear any resemblance to real life relationships. Not that they necessarily *should*--that's the joy of fiction--but I did start wondering if I would really make some of the sacrifices they make in many classic stories. So, a poll:

[Poll #866606]
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As part of Project countdown , we've been celebrating character love in a lot of places: Clark and Lex ; Lana and Lois and Lionel , so now it's clearly Chloe's turn.

Chloe picspam beneath the cut )
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In honor of the "Smallville: Project Countdown" , I bring you a HUGE Lionel-centered picspam. Because the magnificent bastard deserves some love too, dammit!

lots of pics behind the cut )
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I'm back! And still trying to catch up, since everybody seems to have posted hot porn while I was away.
I just posted the review roundup for SV: Fade at [ profile] eat_crow here , and normally I would post the "Fade" poll there, too, but I decided it was too porny to post in a public community, where underage folks might be reading, and all. So, dedicated to [ profile] mskatej, here is a poll that focuses mainly on who's doing who in current canon continuity in SV )


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