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I feel a little like Clark at the beginning of "Jitters," when "a small gathering of friends" turned into the whole high school partying at his house. Wow! 1200+ comments and still going strong--thanks to everyone who came to the party! Welcome to all you former lurkers!!! The party is still going on, actually, though I'm going to have to let it happen in my absence, today, because of some RL stuff I need to take care of. And I'm going out of town this weekend, so if I'm a little slow in replying to comments, that's why.

If I am Clark, by the way, the role of Lex, bringing the fireworks, was played by [ profile] mskatej and [ profile] toadstoolsmiles and [ profile] bop_radar, who all took shifts playing hostess when I could not. Thank you so much! And thanks also to everyone who pimped it in their journal--[ profile] roxymissrose and [ profile] teot and [ profile] pixie_ysral and probably many other folks I did not see: thanks for making it such a success!

The feedbackathon as a whole was a really great experience, and I want to thank all the folks who participated, promoted it in their journals, and especially everyone who contributed info and links to the resources I posted on various days. [ profile] talitha78 and [ profile] enderwiggin24 especially went out of their way to track down many valuable links for this, and I really appreciated that. Thanks to everyone else who helped out with resources, including [ profile] aelora, [ profile] betrue, [ profile] cinderella81, [ profile] drakeofdross, [ profile] lastscorpion, [ profile] lunarknightz, [ profile] myownghost, [ profile] skuf, [ profile] tasabian, and [ profile] teot.

Even if you didn't get a chance to participate in the feedbackathon this week, you can still always send feedback. Feedback is love! And if you're looking for the resources from this week, they are all available here.

::Big smooches to everyone::
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Sorry to be so late posting the prompt for the feedbackathon today. I had big plans to do something creative in this space for creative feedback day, but I was in bed all day with a bad sinus headache, so that kind of fell through.

Today (and tomorrow, since this so late!) is the day to send feedback in creative form: icons, banners, story covers, poems, picspam, drabbles, or some other creative way of sending feedback.

If you don't quite feel up to the challenge of making something creative, why not make a public post about something you discovered during this week (a story by a new author, or a vid, or a piece of art) to share the love with everyone?

Tomorrow we will be finishing up the feedbackathon with "encourage a lurker to delurk" day. ::Waves at lurkers:: I'll be holding a little party in my journal tomorrow for people to stop by and say hi, introduce themselves and meet new people. If you have any other ideas for delurking day, please let me know!
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Today the theme for the feedbackathon is Smallville art (and I definitely include icons in the category of art). I didn't do a long resource list for today because [ profile] talitha78 has done a far, far better job of this than I could ever do over at [ profile] svroundtable this month. You can find her art recs here and here .

I did, however, make a short list of art or icon-focused websites and communities:
[ profile] artists_guild
[ profile] sv_art
[ profile] clex_manips
[ profile] sv_manipsnip
[ profile] sv_icons
[ profile] smallville_cons

If there's another website/community you think should be added to the list, or you want to recommend a specific artist or icon-maker, comment on this entry and I will add them.

Happy feedbacking!
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Today's theme for the feedbackathon is Smallville vids. Go send feedback on your favorite SV vid or to your favorite vidder! Here are some resources to help you do that:

Places to find SV vids:

Archives and communities
Smallville Music Video Archive
[ profile] sv_vids

Best of the 80's challenge.

Individual sites
[ profile] adristudios here:
[ profile] aelora here:
[ profile] bigmamag here:
[ profile] boniblithe here:
[ profile] capnzebbie here:
[ profile] carnivouroslamb here:
[ profile] elandrialore here:
[ profile] frelling_tralk here:
[ profile] marcasita here:
[ profile] mkitty_03 here:
[ profile] rivkat here:
[ profile] stir_of_echoes here:
[ profile] suzvoy here:
[ profile] talitha78 here:
[ profile] voldything here:

Recommendations for vids

[ profile] skuf recently did a poll on "must-see" SV vids. The results are here.

[ profile] svmadelyn also has a list of must-see vids on her Smallville resources site (toward the middle of the page) here.

[ profile] talitha78 just posted a set of SV vid recs here.

Here are some recs from the SV vidding comm, [ profile] sv_vids.

Here are a couple of other sv vid rec lists:

If you have other suggestions for people/communities/etc. that should be on this list, please comment and I will add them to the list.
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So, it's the weekend, so one theme for both days: send feedback to those folks whose lj posts--picspams, silly polls, amazing episode commentaries, rants, raves, comments on the beauty or ugliness of unshaven CW stars or the general hideousness of the CW website, etc.--make SV fandom fun for you.
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Today is the day to thank all the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain the fannish infrastructure that makes Smallville fandom run so smoothly: community moderators, archivists, newsletter editors, website maintainers, and anyone else doing behind the scenes work.

I have a list of some of those folks in SV fandom, though it is definitely lj-biased and not exhaustive. If you have someone to add to this list, please drop a comment on this message and I will add them. (I'm especially looking for websites/mailing list coordinators, who are sorely lacking in this list). Let me be the first to say thanks to all these folks: you're amazing! We really appreciate all your hard work.

LJ Communities:

[ profile] alien_desires, maintained by [ profile] isagel
[ profile] artists_guild, maintained by [ profile] elli and [ profile] oxoniensis
[ profile] brexfic, maintained by [ profile] quiet_tiger
[ profile] clex_manips, maintained by [ profile] lapetite_kiki
[ profile] clexoholic, maintained by [ profile] lexsbabymama
[ profile] clextheclassics, maintained by [ profile] fromward, [ profile] onelittlesleep, and [ profile] oxoniensis
[ profile] denialcorp, maintained by [ profile] mecurtin
[ profile] eat_crow, maintained by [ profile] serafina20
[ profile] eightoclockshow, maintained by [ profile] fromward, [ profile] onelittlesleep, and [ profile] oxoniensis
[ profile] gotclex, maintained by [ profile] peach1250
[ profile] smallville_au, maintained by [ profile] aelora
[ profile] sv_art maintained by [ profile] elli
[ profile] svbigbang, maintained by [ profile] teot
[ profile] svcodatales, maintained by [ profile] lexsbabymama
[ profile] svdodecals, maintained by [ profile] acampbell and [ profile] fajrdrako
[ profile] sv_fanfic, maintained by [ profile] arysteia and [ profile] svmadelyn
[ profile] sv_flashfiction, maintained by [ profile] audrarose, [ profile] estrella30, and[ profile] sorri1773.
[ profile] sv_hetfic, maintained by [ profile] danamulder
[ profile] sv_historical, maintained by [ profile] bittermint
[ profile] sv_icons maintained by [ profile] ladyvyola
[ profile] sv_inquiry, maintained by [ profile] seperis and [ profile] svmadelyn
[ profile] sv_ledger edited by [ profile] allzugern, [ profile] skuf, [ profile] pixie_ysral, and [ profile] voldything.
[ profile] sv_live, maintained by [ profile] estrella30, [ profile] oxoniensis, and [ profile] svmadelyn.
[ profile] sv_manipsnip maintained by [ profile] betrue and [ profile] lapetite_kiki
[ profile] sv_mpreg, maintained by [ profile] lady_of_d_lake
[ profile] svroundtable, maintained by [ profile] oxoniensis and [ profile] sori1773
[ profile] sv_slash, maintained by [ profile] indochina
[ profile] svtimeline, maintained by [ profile] acampbell and [ profile] oxoniensis
[ profile] sv_vids, maintained by [ profile] enderwiggin24, [ profile] sori1773, and [ profile] tresca.
[ profile] tab_a_slot_b, maintained by [ profile] khohen1
[ profile] tortureclark, maintained by [ profile] clarkoholic
[ profile] virginlex maintained by [ profile] laceymcbain
[ profile] wednesday100, maintained by [ profile] lexalot and[ profile] sinisterf

Archives and other websites: maintained by [ profile] elli, maintained by [ profile] stone_princess, maintained by [ profile] harriet_spy maintained by Lady Kardasi and [ profile] sabershadowkat

Yahoo groups (many thanks to [ profile] enderwiggin24, who gave me this whole list): maintained by jellyn7 maintained by [ profile] peach1250 maintained by [ profile] harriet_spy and [ profile] liviapenn maintained by [ profile] tmelange maintained by [ profile] phoenix_run maintained by [ profile] hergerbabe maintained by trinityday maintained by siobhanww and [ profile] thamiris maintained by [ profile] ajfusch maintained by lexsgirl78, [ profile] liviapenn, and [ profile] scribblinlenore

Again, please comment with any additions or corrections!
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Smallville feedbackathon, day 2: ALL authors !

We continue our feedbackathon with another day celebrating writers in SV fandom, today focusing on ALL authors, not simply new ones. If you haven't finished making it through the list of new authors from yesterday , by all means keep doing that. But today is also a day to celebrate established authors in the fandom.

In my head, I'm calling today procrastinator's day, because it is the day when I'm going to send feedback on all those stories that I always meant to send feedback on but somehow never did. I'm sure this never happens to you, gentle readers, but sometimes I enjoy a story very much, but end up never sending feedback, because

(A) it is posted in an archive, and it takes my mail client a hundred years to open up, when I'm reading at home, and I think "oh, I'll just send feedback later"--and then I never do.

(B) it's such a massively long and wonderfully written story that I want to send feedback that is worthy of it, you know? But I can't really think of anything coherent at the moment, and so once again I think "I'll send this later", and I never do.

(C) I really actually did mean to send feedback, but real life became insanely crazy and I never got around to it.

(D) it was posted a long time ago, and I'm embarrassed that I never got around to sending feedback on it, and so I put it off even longer.

And you know what? I know authors love getting feedback on stories, even if it's only one line saying "I loved it," even if it's months or years later--because I've had lots of authors tell me this. But sometimes I feel shy and just need to be reminded.

So, gentle reader, if any of the above describes you: CONSIDER YOURSELF REMINDED. Trust me, the author is not going to think, "wow, what a stupid piece of feedback," or "gee, how dumb is this person to be sending me feedback 2 years after posting the story." No, the author is going to feel like her day has been brightened out of the blue, and may even dance around with glee. Honestly. (Authors, feel free to testify about this in comments).

Now, for those of you out there who always send feedback on stories you love, and therefore have no back feedback to catch up on, you rock! You get one million karma points. As a reward, feel free to go in search of new stories to feedback today. May I suggest the random story generator, at SSA? (There are also random story generators at Level Three and Wild Coyote ). These have given me hours of joy, finding stories I've never read before. You might also try some rec sites; [ profile] svmadelyn has an terrific list of Smallville rec sites here , and don't forget to check out her amazing recommendations when you are on that page. I've also done a number of recommendation lists for SV; you can find them here and here.

Feel free to recommend your favorite author, or a specific story by her/him, in the comments. Also, authors feel free to do some self-promotion there as well.

And p.s., can I just say that all you folks promoting the feedbackathon are AWESOME! I'm overwhelmed with all the feedback-y love on my flist. You make me very happy.
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The Smallville feedbackathon is here!

The feedbackathon is an eight-day celebration of everyone who gives us fannish joy. All you need to do to participate is send feedback to someone in Smallville fandom who has enriched your fannish experience somehow, with their stories, art, icons, vids, meta, livejournal posts, or other activities in support of the fandom. So go forth and feedback! If you'd like, take one of our official icons (though that is certainly not required.)

I'll be posting suggestions every day for the benefit of those who like a little structure in their feedbackathon. So the theme for today is: Encourage a new author .

New authors in a fandom do not necessarily get a lot of attention, and sometimes getting positive feedback from a few people makes the difference between those authors who stay in the fandom, continue writing and become our new favorite authors, and those who get discouraged and stop writing or leave fandom.

This is not to say that the search for new authors to encourage is an entirely unselfish act--I myself am making my way through the list below, and I've already found three amazing stories I haven't read before. And I've barely started!

So where do you find these new authors?

Here are lists compiled from the Wild Coyote, Level Three, and Smallville Slash Archives. My scientific method involved writing down all the authors who've posted a story within the past year and then cross-checking to see who *hadn't* posted a story before last year. I may have inadvertantly included a few folks who've been writing in the fandom longer but only recently archived their stories, but I couldn't figure out a more efficient way to do this.

The new authors at Wild Coyote (the het archive) were :

Ferd, Irish guy, June, Katie, Letia, Miss D, Niping, onelittlesleep, snarky1

The new authors at Level Three (the gen and all-pairing archive) were:

Darkwing Duck, Glacis, June, Letia, Ni Ping

The new authors at the Smallville Slash Archive were:

amberjack, Anita, annakas, Antigone, Audra Rose, Ballistic Liz, Belladonna, Bellat, Betsanne, bitchy grrl, chimosa, ciaan, clarkoholic, clexAddict, colored ink, dehc, Devin, Ditzy, Eletryxx, Erynn, Fan_Spagle, Fancyspinner, HRD, JMA, Kate Lewis, keikokin, kHo, knightmare, Lasha, LBM, lilibel, lostmarble, Magdelena, Mindige), MorrPhyc, Polexen, Psychi, Rise Again Phoenix, sc182, Shadowstar, shattered, slash bunny, Smallvilles Girl, Sori, Sorrel, Sterling Dragonfly, Supercaptain182, Super Woobie, Suture, toadstoolsmiles, trieduntrue, Vivian Darkbloom, Yevgenie

The new authors recommended by folks on my f-list were
[ profile] allzugern, whose stories are here
[ profile] audrarose, whose story is here.
[ profile] bop_radar, whose story is here .
[ profile] carcassi, whose stories are here and here.
[ profile] theclexfactor, whose first story is here and whose icon-stories are here.
[ profile] chimosa, whose stories are here .
[ profile] coloredink, whose stories are here.
EllenF, who posts on her blog here .
[ profile] estrella30, whose stories are here.
[ profile] khohen1, whose stories are here .
[ profile] kristiinthedark, whose stories are here.
[ profile] lexsbabymama, whose stories are here.
[ profile] mskatej, whose stories are here.
[ profile] robynadele0406, whose stories are at K-site. You can find one of them here .
[ profile] sadiekate, whose stories are here.
[ profile] sori1773, whose stories are here .
[ profile] stir_of_echoes, whose stories are here .
[ profile] strlngdragonfly, whose stories are here .
[ profile] supercaptain182, whose stories are here .
[ profile] teot, whose stories are here .
[ profile] toadstoolsmiles, whose stories are here.
[ profile] voldything, whose stories are here .
(I know there is some overlap with the lists above, but since not all of the stories by these authors are posted on the archives, I decided not to worry about duplication).

A couple recommended new authors whose fanfic is posted at other places are:

kdsch123, whose stories are here:
Lucy Wiggin, whose stories are here:

Know a new author who's not on this list and should be? Comment, and I will add them. Feel free to promote yourself!

So, what are you waiting for? Go send some feedback!
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The great Smallville feedbackathon is coming!!!

What is it? A celebration of everyone in Smallville fandom who brings us fannish joy, in which we encourage everyone to send feedback (publically or privately) to SV writers, artists, vidders, archivists, icon-makers, and other folks who make SV fandom a great place.

When is it? The official dates will be May 17-May 25.

How does it work? No need to sign up or anything--we're just encouraging people to take some time during this week to send feedback to anyone who enriches your fandom experience. Public or private, short or long, feedback helps encourage creative energy and keeps fannish enthusiasm alive. We want to celebrate all the amazingly talented people in Smallville fandom during this week.

To encourage people to think about sending feedback to folks they might not always remember to acknowledge, I will post prompts every day (and hopefully resources, too, with the help of some lovely folks who've volunteered to help out).

These will be the prompts:

May 17: Send feedback to a new author (or an author you've never sent feedback to before) day

May 18: Procrastinator's day: send feedback on that story you meant to give feedback on a long time ago but somehow never have

May 19: Send feedback to your favorite fannish infrastructure person: archivists, community moderators, newsletter editors, and the other folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make fandom run smoothly

May 20 &21: Send feedback to someone whose lj posts give you fannish joy

May 22: Send feedback on an SV vid or to a vidder you've never given feedback to before

May 23: Send feedback to your favorite SV icon-maker or artist

May 24: Creative feedback day! Send feedback to someone in the form of a poem, or drabble, or icon, or banner, or drawing, or something else creative

May 25: Encourage a lurker to post day!

I will go into a lot more detail about each prompt on the day in question.

I am trying to make a list of resources for each day (new authors, rec sites, community sites, vid sites, art sites, etc.). If anyone has suggestions for this, I'd appreciate it if you would comment on this message.

For anyone who wants to participate in the feedbackathon or promote it in their journal, feel free to take a thematic icon (or several), if you'd like. (I got a little excited about this and made a bunch).

1. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 2. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 3. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 4. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lots more icons behind the cut )

I also made a bunch of icons for "encourage a lurker to post" day. Here are a few, with more behind the cut.

27. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 28. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 29. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting even more icons )


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