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Ok, I honestly didn't think anything would make me watch SPN again, but then I was spoiled about a plot development in tonight's episode and I had to. (And may need to watch next week too!) Read more... )
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I pretty much quit Supernatural when they killed off [character name redacted to avoid old spoilers, but people still watching probably know what recurring female character I'm referring to]. Still, when I had heard that they were doing a whole episode from the Impala's POV I was intrigued, and since I was slow to turn off the TV last night after Arrow, I realized that this was the episode, so I watched it.

And without being spoilery, while I did actually enjoy the episode, it was no Knight Moves , and I realized what I really really wanted from this episode was Read more... ) Oh well!
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As I think I've mentioned before, I watch Tuesday night TV live with a friend. We started watching Agents of Shield since he was a big Marvel fan, and I got him hooked on Supernatural since it starts right afterward. Of course, with last night's "special event" (Dear ABC, rerunning the episode that aired last week does NOT count as a special event), I had to make a choice about which show we'd watch live and which I would DVR, and since I was unspoiled for SPN I think I made the wrong choice, dammit.

Supernatural spoilers, mostly for the surprise appearance of someone: Read more... )

Anyway, onward to brief Agents of SHIELD reactions: Read more... )
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Seriously, Supernatural? Angry ranting behind the cut

Read more... )
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I started watching Agents of SHIELD live with a friend I work with when it premiered, and even though we both think it's fairly awful, we've continued watching it to mock it. I got him hooked on Supernatural as well because it comes on right afterward. In between our conversations about how bad AOS is, I found out that he's a fanboy (I mean, I knew he was an Avengers fanboy, but I found out he knows about fic and used to read a lot of it in SG1 and SGA). I ended up sending him a few recs for SPN fic and now he's hooked on Dean/Cas. I've already recced him everything I have bookmarked, but I haven't actively been reading SPN in a couple years. Anybody have any recent recs for Dean/Cas fic, or know of good rec lists I could pass along?
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I got to watch the SPN premiere live (I had a work thing and had to tape Smallville, which I haven't had a chance to watch yet, but that review will be posted later tonight or tomorrow morning). I wanted to record my thoughts on this episode before I watched Smallville, though.

Spoilers, obviously )
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Episode reaction and a little spoiler-free speculation about how certain things in the episode relate to upcoming events.

Read more... )
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This was the first time I watched Supernatural in real time for months--I've been taping it, and I don't usually end up actually watching the tapes. It is tempting when it is on right after SV, though. And all you SPN and WB:RPS folks have, in fact, convinced me that Jensen Ackles is teh hot (hence the new icon).
I was actually surprised by how much I liked this episode. Spoilers )


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