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You have to understand, enemy slash is one of my bulletproof kinks. So Shallow Nora is Shallow )
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Hey, Smallvillians! If you're a little worn out from the endless rounds of character and ship wars in Smallville fandom, and looking for a place to reclaim your joy and positivity in fandom, I highly recommend joining [ profile] huzzlewhat's new comm, [ profile] sv_char_love. Her basic philosophy for the comm is simple: no character bashing. You don't have to love all the characters on Smallville; just don't be bashing the ones you dislike in the comm. I'd like to have respectful debate; I don't think that debate necessitates bashing, nor do I think that "no bashing" equals no debate. Just keep it respectful.

More on the basic ideas behind the comm here.
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It was my original, and came up on rotation from LJ hook, and it's appropriate to my mood. Bleah. Work is freaking insane, and I'm not even going to get to see new Smallville/new SPN until Sunday night, because I'll be at a conference for the next three days. *Insert giant pouty face*

It seems very unlikely that I'm going to catch up on review collecting for the new SV episode after I get back, since I will be netless at the conference and work continues to be insane next week, so I would really, really appreciate it if everyone would link to their reviews of the newest SV episode in the master post at [ profile] eat_crow, which is here .

The only bright spot right now is that I've decided to go to Escapade, where I will be rooming with the fabulous and wonderful [ profile] slinkling. Is anyone else going?
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[ profile] slinkling recently wrote a little Xander genderswap fic, and I completely hijacked her comments to try to persuade her to write someSV genderswap fic, since I think compared to some fandoms we're very lacking in that trope. There are a few stories where Clark turns into a girl, but I couldn't think of one where Lex turns into a girl. I said that I was surprised that no one had written what seems to me to be an obvious AU in which the meteor shower turns Lex into a girl. We've been speculating what that would mean for Lex's relationship with his father, and of course even more importantly what that would mean for his relationship with Clark, over here. It turns out we have LOTS of ideas--now we just want to persuade someone to write this story for us.

*Big anime pleading eyes*

Is that working? No? Well, even if you don't want to write the story, why don't you at least tell us how you think Lex's life--and his relationship with Clark--would be different if the meteor shower had changed him into a girl. Original conversation is here.
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Since [ profile] bagheera_san was lovely enough to write a Chlana story based on a prompt I gave her, I used my (admittedly limited) photoshopping skillz to make her a cover for it.

Cut so as not to mess up people's page displays, since it is big )


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