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Well, [ profile] thefourthvine posted recs yesterday, and that meant I stayed up until two a.m. reading a really sweet Naruto story, of all things. (Have I seen one minute of the source text? No. She gave enough explanation in the rec to contextualize it, though).It made me very happy between midnight and two a.m., which counts as today, right? Though the sleep deprivation, not so much.

Also, someone brought in pizza around lunchtime, and free pizza is always happy making. (And cushions the stomach against the amount of caffeine I am imbibing to stay awake today).

Recent TV has sometimes been happy-making and sometimes merely puzzling. These are less formal reviews than they are emotional responses:

Sarah Connor Chronicles )

Heroes )

Leverage )
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[ profile] rsadelle wanted me to post on the latest Sarah Connor Chronicles, though I don't really have a lot to say about it, so I'm combining it with some other things I've been watching lately.

This week's Sarah Connor Chronicles )

Dexter, 1.1 and 1.2 )

Not really about Heroes OR Grey's Anatomy, but containing spoilers for the most recent episodes )
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Note to self: You have only yourself to blame if you battle insomnia with scary TV, and then end up dreaming that Barack Obama's opponent for president is Catherine Weaver. Creepy, creepy, creepy.

Sarah Connor Chronicles, last night's episode )

Spoilers for Heroes, most recent two episodes )
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Spoilers for this week's SCC )

And a poll, since I am always mentally comparing Connors and Winchesters in my head
[Poll #1274267]

Recent TV

Sep. 24th, 2008 11:57 am
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I was worried about the fact that I'm working late on Monday nights now and will have to tape both T:SCC and Heroes, but after watching the season premiere of Heroes I'm not sure that's going to be a problem.

Spoilers for this week's Heroes--don't click if you're really squeeful and are avoiding harsh reviews )

I liked this week's Terminator a lot better )
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Things that are made of fail, today's edition:

Mostly me, for (a) turning my alarm off rather than just hitting snooze, causing me to (b) wake up 20 minutes before I was supposed to be at work, resulting in (c) me wearing a blouse inside out for two solid hours before noticing. (I really hope that means no one else noticed).

Things that are made of win

1. Ok, you may as well issue me my official tin hat, because I am all giggly and bouncy at the idea that Jared and Jensen are living together (even if that reporter turns out to have been wrong).

2. Last night's Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles was awesome. Spoilery poll on the episode behind the cut )


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