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Sometimes I do wonder if people actually want to be scolded when they write to certain advice columnists--is it like a low level humiliation kink or something? I mean, when you write to Mallory Ortberg and are all "oh, kids today and their silly non-binary identities, I obviously can't be expected to use their preferred pronouns when they're all non-grammatical," do you actually think she's going to say, "oh yes, letter writer, you have my permission to misgender people all you want"?

DUDE. Dude!

C'mon, dude, that's like writing to Dan Savage and saying you think your spouse watching porn is the equivalent of cheating on you, or writing to Miss Manners saying you think thank you notes are antiquated and unnecessary. You know perfectly well what those columnists are going to say! These are not the columnists you go to when you want your anti-genderfluidity/antiporn/anti-thank-you-note opinions validated, DUDE. Heck, these days I think even Dan Savage and Miss Manners would take you to task for deliberately misgendering people, but Mallory Ortberg? Have you ever read one of her columns? Really?

(Heck, she'd probably gently ask me to evaluate my use of dude as a gender-neutral form of address which it totally is in NorCal, but I acknowledge the structural sexism blah blah blah).

I mean, DUDE.

(The letter I am referencing is in today's Dear Prudence podcast on Slate, if anyone is wondering).
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1. Once I finish moving I am never moving again, ever. I will die in that house. I really don't know how I'm going to finish packing in the next 24 hours, but I'm about to pack my TV so I had to catch up on shows. :-)

2. Having to wait 8 days to watch ABC shows sucks, but I really loved the AOS final. Honestly the second half of this season has pretty much been my favorite of the whole series, and they even redeemed the Ghost Rider plot tonight. Only really brief spoilers behind the cut.

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May. 23rd, 2017 09:10 pm
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Thank you to whoever on my flist said they were glad they watched the last 4 episodes of Supergirl, because the Mon-El plotline had been boring the hell out of me and I almost noped out, but the last four episodes were in fact very worth it. Oh my God this show is so much better with Callista Flockhart--and the episode where they had her and Teri Hatcher and Lynda Carter and Brenda Strong all in the same episode was the most fun I've had watching TV in a while.

Also my crush on Lena Luthor (and her doomed friendship with Kara) is approaching my Smallville Lex levels of love.

Only two slightly spoilery comments on the finale behind the cut:

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I still haven't had the mental energy to decide for certain whether I'm deleting my LJ or just flocking everything and ending crossposting, but once the import queue at DW has dropped down a little I'm going to re-import to make sure I catch any LJ only comments and do one or the other.

The only community I ever modded on LJ was Eat Crow, and during the 4 years or so I was modding it was basically just collecting links to Smallville reviews on LJ. Since most of those links are probably going to be dead in the near future, I didn't see much point in transferring the community over to DW, especially since it hasn't been active since Smallville went off the air in 2011. But it occurred to me this morning that there was a period in the early era of the comm that people actually had a lot of episode discussion on the comm itself. I still haven't accepted the TOS of LJ, so I can't actually look right now to see how extensive that was, but I recall there being quite a lot of discussion for at least the first couple years.

So--does anyone think it's worth importing the community to DW? My inclination at the moment is not to do so, but if anyone really wants to ensure that history is preserved, drop a comment here and let me know. (And at the end of the month when I have more time and am actually importing things over here, I'll pose this question on LJ as well for the few remaining folks over there).
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I am weirded out by the fact that the new LJ TOS says the translation is not binding, and since I can't read Russian to know exactly what I'm agreeing to, I'm probably going to be vacating from LJ. I probably won't delete my old journal entries--at least that's not my plan at the moment-- but I expect soon it won't be possible to crosspost without logging in, so crossposting will cease. If you want to follow me, I'll still be on dreamwidth with the same username--and if we're friended on LJ and you relocate, let me know so I can friend you on DW.
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I hope everyone affected has heard of this, but as of 5 pm PST today (Sunday), much of the area of Oroville California and south of it--the Feather River region, including Biggs, Gridley, Palermon, Thermalito, Hallwood, Marysville, Olivehurst/Linda and Plumas Lake are being evacuated because of an imminent failure of the Oroville Dam emergency spillway. Here are a couple links for more information, if you or loved ones live in the affected area: a link to a reddit thread on the situation; a Sacramento Bee story on this ; a news story on the incident .

This is a really scary situation, and my best wishes are with everyone affected. (And I'm really concerned, since even if doesn't fail now, we're supposed to get even more rain later in the week).
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Many thanks to [personal profile] talitha78, [personal profile] tasabian, and [profile] roxymissrose for the lovely holiday cards that are now adorning my wall!
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There's still a chance in Louisiana to make the Senate 49-51 (instead of 48-52, which in the long run could be a huge difference; flipping one Republican senator v. two on certain legislation could be crucial). Here's more information: Supporting Foster Campbell in the Louisiana runoff. Maybe a longshot, but for people who are donating things to try to ameliorate the Trump presidency, this seems like a good cause to donate to.


Nov. 11th, 2016 10:08 pm
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I've been trying to save money lately so I haven't been going to the movies much, but after this week I really needed distraction, so I went to see "Arrival" largely on the basis of its rotten tomatoes score (as late as Monday it was at 100%, so I was curious), and wow, those critics were not wrong. It is absolutely fantastic--probably the most psychologically realistic alien encounter film I've ever seen, and it really just plops you down into Amy Adams (um, I mean Louise Banks') perspective and lets you feel what she's feeling the whole way through. It is not in any way the typical blockbuster alien-encounter film; it's very slow and quiet and unbelievably moving, and even things that might make you think you're being given a standard and somewhat trite emotional arc get completely reimagined by the end of the film.

It's all about the possibility of understanding the other (and ourselves), and about the nature of time and grief and memory and hope, and honestly I felt like it was the absolute perfect film to be watching in this week of despair. I highly recommend it.

I'm not up for really critically analyzing it yet--I'm still processing my emotional responses--but some spoilery comments on the ending after the cut. Read more... )


Nov. 7th, 2016 09:02 pm
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I know I haven't been posting about this, but seriously this season of Supergirl is SO good. I really feel like te move to the CW has just given them license to do great new things and steal some of the best parts of the Smallville formula as well (*cough* like slash with Luthors). Read more... )
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I finally got around to watching this, and now I want all the meta. Anyone written anything (or seen anything good)?
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Imzy is a new threaded discussion board--I haven't really done much exploring there, but someone on ffa was offering free invitations and I thought I would namesquat in the event that fandom happens to move in that direction. I now have ten nine (they keep adding more as you give them out, apparently) invitations, if anyone wants one. [Please leave the email address I should direct it to if you want one!]
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I have been reading all about him since the Hugo awards thing (mostly via ffa) and have actually been tempted to purchase some of his oeuvre, especially this most recent one:

Pounded By The Pound: Turned Gay By The Socioeconomic Implications Of Britain Leaving The European Union

"When Alex learns that Britain has decided to leave the European Union, he’s shocked by just how normal everything seems. But the calm doesn’t last as Alex is suddenly accosted by a giant living coin from the not so distant future.

In this horrific future where Britain has left the EU, four story busses lie strewn about the streets of London after a failed plan to cut costs, the Queen’s Guard have been replaced by flying reptiles with machine guns and the River Thames runs red with molten lava.

Now Alex and his handsome sentient pound must travel back to the past and sway the vote for European solidarity, by proving that all you need is love."

I'm actively rooting for him to win that Hugo now.
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Since a lot of folks on my flist seem to be on disability, this NYT article on new disability savings accounts may be helpful. (Full text behind the cut for those who can't read because of the paywall):

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Wow, posting two days in a row--the world might end! Spoilery comments (but mainly reactions, not analysis; I haven't read anyone else's reactions, so more analysis may follow). Read more... )
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Ok, I honestly didn't think anything would make me watch SPN again, but then I was spoiled about a plot development in tonight's episode and I had to. (And may need to watch next week too!) Read more... )

Hail Caesar

Feb. 6th, 2016 03:32 pm
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I enjoyed Hail Caesar much more than I was expecting. I generally like but do not love Coen brothers films; their style of humor is not generally mine, but I laughed quite a lot at this film. Read more... )

Overall, if you have any love for 50s movies or Hollywood shenanigans from the "golden age of filmmaking," I'd highly recommend it.


Feb. 4th, 2016 01:05 pm
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Was I complaining about the lack of plot and forward motion last week? Clearly they were saving it all up! Read more... )
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Ok, clearly they just should have had Darin Morgan write ALL THE EPISODES. OMG this was legit awesome. Read more... )

Recent TV

Jan. 30th, 2016 01:57 pm
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There are too many new shows I want to check out--I always seem to be running behind.

I will probably watch the entire mini-series of the X-Files, but not because I am loving it. Probably spoilery comments on the first two episodes behind the cut. Read more... )

I also checked out Lucifer, because it sounded like it might be up my alley, but every time Lucifer just barged in on things it tripped my embarassment squick hard. Between that and the fact that I'm not really interested in any of the cast, I doubt I'll keep watching.

I also have very mixed feelings about Legends of Tomorrow. (Spoilers for the first two episodes) Read more... )

Shannara, on the other hand, seems to have actually hooked me. (Spoilers for the aired episodes so far possible behind the cut). Read more... )


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