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Sarah Connor Chronicles

My icon pretty much gives my reaction to last night's episode. So...Cameron was deliberately modelled after Allison as an infiltrator, but somehow she managed to internalize enough of Allison's life story that when the glitch occurred, she thought she was Allison? Am I parsing that correctly? (This is what happens when I come home from work bleary-eyed at 10:30 at night and try to watch the episode while finishing up a report that was due today).

Summer Glau, as usual, was fantastic in the episode; I love how easy it was to distinguish when she was Allison and when she was Cameron. And God, I felt so bad for poor Allison, marooned in a time before her time (so awful that her mother doesn't even know she exists yet!), even though of course Allison wasn't really Allison. And the phone call where we see Allison's mom is visibly pregnant seemed like a clear parallel, somehow, to Kacy. And it's making me wonder who Kacy is going to be giving birth to, because I can't imagine they're spending that much time on a guest star without a good reason (even going so far as to have Sarah almost promise to stay and help her out, which seemed kind of out-of-character to me. I actually thought that as soon as Sarah found out the dad was a cop they were going to be on the run again).

Meanwhile, for some reason I really love the fact that Agent Ellison is falling under the spell of Catherine Weaver, even though it's definitely going to end badly for him (and probably for Sarah and John as well). But it promises to be such an interesting downfall! And Weaver is fascinating me--again we have the theme of Terminators taking over people's identities reiterated, but here reversing the Cameron/Allison plot, since here the Terminator became the mother rather than the daughter. I find that simultaneously extremely creepy and extremely cool. I wonder if Catherine is capable of generating any kind of authentic feelings for Savannah, or if it is all simply an elaborate act she's been maintaining for the past two years? Clearly Agent Ellison is being misled in thinking she covered up the human error in the helicopter crash to protect her daughter--and we got to hear her spout the "machines are better" ideology to him earlier--but I do wonder if the fact that she's raised this little girl already for 2 years makes any kind of difference to her, or will she be just another human pawn to be slaughtered when the machines take over.

I'm also intrigued by some of the parallels being drawn between John and Agent Ellison: both of them falling into the trap of trusting dangerous Terminators because of a crisis they experienced. It's kind of hard for me to believe that John is once again letting Cameron malfunction without taking action, though I guess then he'd have to tell his mom he's straying away from her supervision and consequently allowing her to get arrested and go off with deceitful homeless girls. But I guess he's still nursing the delusion that Cameron is his friend (just as Cameron was deluded into thinking that she was a real girl, and Sarah allowed herself the delusion of imagining John's birth with his father present. A lot of wishful thinking going on in this episode!)

My final thought about this episode has to do with how completely weird it's going to be for future John to encounter the real Allison, after having known Cameron and *knowing* that the terminator that saved his life, and that he himself sent back into the past to protect him and his mom, is going to kill her. Assuming that the timeline isn't so fucked up at this point that it actually happens, anyway. I wonder if Cameron almost killing that homeless girl wasn't kind of foreshadowing that?

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