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Thank you to whoever on my flist said they were glad they watched the last 4 episodes of Supergirl, because the Mon-El plotline had been boring the hell out of me and I almost noped out, but the last four episodes were in fact very worth it. Oh my God this show is so much better with Callista Flockhart--and the episode where they had her and Teri Hatcher and Lynda Carter and Brenda Strong all in the same episode was the most fun I've had watching TV in a while.

Also my crush on Lena Luthor (and her doomed friendship with Kara) is approaching my Smallville Lex levels of love.

Only two slightly spoilery comments on the finale behind the cut:

1. Cat knows! Of course she does. I love how she recognized James in about a second, and Kara doesn't even wear a mask. But that just makes all her mentoring even better for me.

2. I guess it's too much to hope Mon-El was gone forever? Because honestly the only thing reconciling me to that whole storyline was going to be if he died nobly for fridging purposes, but this works just as well for me.

3. Not actually a spoiler, but how much do I love that the title of this was "Nevertheless she persisted?" So very, very much.
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I loved that title so much, too. It's such a fun show. Even with the alien invasions, I'd rather live in their world. Although I did yell at the screen "lead hurts humans too!"
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I actually thought for a hot second he was going to die! I'm fine with him just being stuck in space (apparently his character "belongs in space" according to my comic book guy) and not coming back but

1) he's dating the lead actress

2) that whole thing with the necklace and the flashbacks :'( can only mean that they are setting us up for more Mon-El even if it's Mon-El on his own. Blech.