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I know I haven't been posting about this, but seriously this season of Supergirl is SO good. I really feel like te move to the CW has just given them license to do great new things and steal some of the best parts of the Smallville formula as well (*cough* like slash with Luthors).

I miss Cat a lot, to be sure--that is the one disadvantage to moving to the CW--and like everyone else I was annoyed that they broke up Kara and James just after they got together--but to be honest that's making me not feel guilty about slashing Lena and Kara. And I was a little doubtful about the character at first, but I am totally loving the parallels to season one Lex on SV: Lena is trying to be a good person, and break from the Luthor legacy, but she has an evil parent who's intent on taking her down a different road. And while Cadmus lady--is she a Luthor, or is she Lena's birth mom?--doesn't have the raw magnetism of Lionel Luthor, she is a pretty awesome villain so far. And what a reveal!

Meanwhile, holy shit, is Alex/Maggie really going to be canon? This is SO AWESOME! I love their relationship so far--they have so much chemistry, and I really like that we're getting Alex's coming out story, and that they're taking it slow. And wow, Maggie better remain a permanent character and not die, because I already love her more than pretty much all the established characters except Kara and Alex, who are my faves. (The fact that she's comics canon makes me hopeful that she'll be around for a while).

I'm also interested in what they're doing with James this season, and that they've found a way to keep his connection to Winn even though Winn is working for the DEO. I'm cautiously optimistic about his superhero storyline.

Really, the only thing I'm not really interested in is Mon-El, but even that storyline isn't terrible, just boring to me. (I just hope they don't set up a love triangle between him, James and Kara, because ugh).
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And Alex/Maggie is unfolding beautifully. I love that Alex got as specific about her sexuality as she did: I read it that she basically said that she assumed she was asexual because she didn't care for sex with guys, and just never considered it was the gender of her partner that was the issue until now. Underrepresented identities! Getting airtime!

Being on a network (and, presumably, using a Vancouver-based crew) that's used to comicbook stories and all the heightened realities they require has let this show blossom like whoa. The whole thing feels a lot more comfortable and confident with itself this season.
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I was talking to a friend about how deadly dull the Mon-El storyline is. And really, it's because he's not adding anything to the show, or to Kara (or any of the other characters, but Kara's the one I care about and the one he mainly interacts with). We saw with Superman what it's like for her to be able to bond with someone who understands the problems of being alien and different. The boy is milksop when it comes to relationship material. If they needed a love interest for her, they should've just stuck with James. So it's basically: why is he here? What does he bring to the show, that you needed to write in this new character? And so far, I don't see a good answer to that.

And yeah, otherwise, the show has been SO GOOD. But I have no fucks to give for The Jock Prince of Daxam.