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Holiday report

I’ve spent a lot of time with family and travelling in the last 10 days (Christmas with my parents and sibs in Chicago, then 3 days with the extended clan in Pittsburgh where my grandmother is in hospice, so that was a mixture of sadness and joy at seeing lots of folks I haven’t seen in a long time), but I did got to spend time with my sister and her kids.

Movie report: saw Aquaman with my niece and nephew; basically thought it was terrible but Jason Momoa is very very pretty, which made up for a lot. I also saw Spiderman in Chicago with [personal profile] talitha78 which we both loved. A couple spoilers behind the cut.

I LOVED Livia Octavius, and am overjoyed to find there’s actually Livia/May fic that is based on canon!!! Hopefully this link will work; I’m terrible at pasting on my ipad:*s*Olivia%20Octavius/works

I also really loved Spider Gwen, who I had at least heard of but now should really track down. And also Noir Spidey!!! And Miles was awesome (though how old is he—13? They said middle school). So very glad they didn’t end up with his dad blaming him for his uncle’s death.
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Aquaman was TERRIBLE but Jason was pretty. That was my own review in a nutshell.

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I have already lost both of mine. They were wonderful, amazing women whose legacy I will never live up to, but I just miss them so much. Glad you saw your family.