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I created an account on Linked In about a year or so ago mainly because people I used to work with kept inviting me to join their network, and since my job situation is always precarious I figured it couldn't hurt. I haven't done much more than upload my bare-bones resume and add people when they request to be on my network. Generally those folks are people I know from work, but I'm starting to get requests from people I don't know--colleagues of former colleagues and that sort of thing. Is there any reason to say no to these requests? I mean, if it were Facebook I would say no because I don't want my page cluttered with a lot of crap I won't read, and every so often I do post semi-private things on Facebook, but as far as I can tell the whole purpose of Linked In is to expand your network for job-hunting, right? Is there a reason I can't think of at the moment why I should not add anyone who requests it to my network?
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Anybody out there in Jericho fandom? I am looking for gen Jericho recs, particularly anything that picks up where the series left off. I looked on delicious and A03, but most of the bookmarks were for crossovers, which I am trying to avoid since this guy is a fannish newbie. He also specifically does not want porn. I said I would inquire. Any ideas?
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Computer update, for those who care: it's still somewhere in the bowels of FedEx, and supposedly will be delivered to a facility near me tomorrow. Maybe. I think the computer gods are trying to tell me something, really.

Anyway, I am once again asking my flist for suggestions, this time for sci-fi and fantasy novel recommendations, since I have to put something on my amazon wishlist under $50 for a family gift exchange, and I don't honestly have any good ideas, since when I see a novel I want to read I either buy it or get it at the library. So--read anything good lately?

(I already have the latest two Connie Willis books, and I'm not getting the new Robin McKinley, since I've heard it ends on a cliffhanger and she never does write sequels of things. That pretty much exhausts my knowledge of "recent things I'd want to read in scifi/fantasy.")


Nov. 17th, 2010 06:14 pm
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So I've been kind of radio silent lately (and slow to respond to people--sorry about that) because work has been crazy, and my at-home laptop is dying a slow death; right now I can get it to turn on for 5-10 minutes, reliably, and then it shuts off due to power source issues. I'm just waiting for the big sales next week to replace it. Now, I already have a netbook which is lovely for travel and things, but it turns out the screen is way too small for me to use it on a regular basis--my eyes are getting old. But in some ways it has spoiled me: it has fantastic battery life (about 10 hours) and is light as a feather.

So I'm looking for a new laptop that has a decent screen size, enough power to run the standard office suite-type things (I don't do gaming and I do very little vid-related stuff, so it doesn't have to have lots of bells and whistles in that direction), is fairly lightweight and has a battery life of at least 4 hours. And I'd prefer not to spend more than $600 or so. Anyone have suggestions of laptops they love? Nearly every computer I've ever owned, other than the netbook (which is an Asus) has been a Dell, so I don't really have experience with other brands. I'd appreciate any recommendations or warnings you have.
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I've been playing around with the idea of starting a blog that was more professionally (rather than fannishly) oriented, and I've been investigating different blogging platforms. Does anyone have strong opinions on the merits of v. (I'm definitely not doing it on LJ or Vox, because I want it to be completely removed from my fannish identity).
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As some of you already know, in some areas (specifically music) I am a technological dinosaur. About half my music collection is still on cassette tapes! But lately I have been considering moving into the 21st century and getting an ipod or other sort of mp3 player. And I was wondering whether it's worth the money to actually buy an ipod, or should I go for something cheaper. Those of you who own these new-fangled devices, what are the pros and cons of ipods v. cheaper devices? Any suggestions for the complete novice in these things?

In other news, HAPPY PREMIERE DAY! I had to go with a neutral icon so as not to privilege Smallville or Supernatural, as I am equally excited about both these days, and therefore must give equal weight to that "when you see this, quote from the show" meme going around. And look, I even tied it thematically to the first part of this post:

Smallville: Chloe (to Jimmy in "Static"): "Wow, I knew you were a gadget junkie, but this stuff looks like it's from the Jurassic era."

Supernatural: Sam: "Dude, you gotta update your cassette tape collection."
Dean: "Why?"
Sam: "Well for one they are cassette tapes."
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I don't usually go to (non-work-related) social events during the week, but an old colleague was in town last night and talked me into going to see "Tropic Thunder," and I have to say I laughed my ass off. Very slight spoilers )

Now I have two completely unrelated requests for my all-knowing flist:

1. Anyone out there who is widely read in CW RPS, can you point me to some good stories with Jensen/Christian Kane or Jared/Jensen/Christian Kane? I have a friend looking for recs, and I don't usually read stories with Chris as a central character, so I'm at a loss.

2. Should I update to the latest version of Firefox, now that it keeps prompting me to every 12 hours or so? I know it doesn't work with LJ Hook, but that's not a big concern for me, but I've heard there's something wonky about the new address bar, or something? What are the pros and cons of switching?


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